Solved KDE doesn't seem to be installed

WOO HOO!!! got it!
So what was my blunder?
  • You tried to execute ck-launch-session(1) from the console, but that must fail, since it's designed to be run from within an already running X11 server. That's why it was complaining on the DISPLAY environ(7)ment variable not beeing set.
  • Then there was a typo startplasma=x11.
  • You misunderstood lines that go into a file as beeing commands to type on the console. Yes, in this case these are commands, but they need a certain setup/environment (running X11), to be executed in, and that execution is done by xinit(1) which reads the user's ~/.xinitrc
  • maybe more what don't recall now 'cause I'm dead beat.
Thanks so much much for all your help.

I learnt a HUGE amount and also got mutt on my laptop.

Promise to pay more attention to detail next time.

My very best regards to you all.

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Sorry I'm on a bad internet connection; I accidently deleted a more elaborate version of my previous post, maybe you saw it already. To get a better GPU driver up & running, open another thread, please. Do not forget to give info about your freebsd-version & exact hardware vendor/model/year & paste the output of pciconf -lv | fgrep -B 3 display right into the 1st post.


Promise to pay more attention to detail next time.
That's good news. You WILL learn that way for sure. What's really a PITA for someone trying to help is getting incomplete/incorrect information. After all, this worked just the way described in the handbook. I see the handbook might not be fully understandable for someone still kind of new to FreeBSD (or better *nix in general). E.g. I did a search and didn't find the special meaning of ~ explained anywhere in the handbook, so it's perfectly fine to ask about it. But the thing is, you have to do that instead of just assuming something. Well, best luck getting a decent gfx driver to work!

And, of course many ppl on here will be willing to help in case you run into problems or don't understand something. But I'll leave an old (but living) document here, for reference: