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In the attic I found a Sinclair ZX80. Now I want to run the Linux distri "FreeBSD 15-CURRENT" into a VM on it, to play rogue as MMORPG.
Please tell me how!
(Adding afterwards).

Sorry people, this was the wrong thread. From a couple of the posts above, I thought I was in the firefox thread.
I guess I'll leave the rest of this in, which reminds me of the FreeBSD fortune to the effect that maybe the purpose of your life is to be a warning to others.
Anyway, what I originally wrote is below.

I've been playing with LIbrewolf a little, on an Alma9 Linux test install. It does seem fast, but with the flatpak version that Alma has seems to be odd on downloads. It doesn't seem to download the files. I also have a multibooting laptop with Mint and others on it, which has a non-flatpak version of Librewolf and on that, it works properly. I'm too lazy to scroll back up, I but I think I already mentioned that in order to play some videos, e.g., Netflix and friends, you have to find the librewolf.cfg file (not reachable through the browswer, often hard to find) and comment out the DRM lines.

I don't know if that would be relevant if it gets ported to FreeBSD, as FreeBSD's chromium and firefox don't support Widevine, but, aside from the flatpak oddities with downloads, I have to say that it does seem a nice browser. As it seems much faster than firefox, I do wonder what information firefox is sending where to slow things down.