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Does anybody remember a pic comparing operating systems with different kind of vehicles, Linux as a soviet tank and FreeBSD as a bigger tank? I found it funny but I can't find it now :rolleyes:



I participated to an Ekiden this Weekend and here are the results. If we had known about our fifth relay runner's talents, we would have told him to run 10km instead.

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I found this video of Ryan Reyolds interviewing Hugh Jackman to be hysterical. Probably best for comic fans, but I'll just point out, for those who look at it without background....
In Hugh Jackman's Wolverine movie, Reynolds played a Deadpool (though I don't remember if they called him that or not) who had his mouth sewn shut and shot laser beams out of his eyes, both of which don't fit Deadpool at all. The Internet was outraged.
Reynolds is married to the actress Blake Lively.