Installing FreeBSD on Raspberry Pi 3


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I'm having problems installing FreeBSD from the file image from the webpage

I've formatted the SD card with both SDFormatter and Fat32formatter.exe.

I'm getting as far as to the rainbowscreen but FreeBSD isn't booting.


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I'm also waiting on ras pi 3 support. Arm 64 needs to be a tier 1 platform as it is becoming more common. Maybe will surpass intel?


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There are lots of people who "needs" things. Unfortunately, they are not (not all of them) the same people who actually makes the work that fulfill such needs.
If you can; I suggest that you look into becoming a FreeBSD developer; it requires an effort, but at least you don't have to sit around waiting on someone else to fix your needs.
Maybe you will be happier too - who knows? :)