raspberry pi 3

  1. K

    jails Allow jailed system to access USB device

    Good evening! I am having trouble understanding what to add to my /etc/devfs.rules in order to allow a jail to access USB devices. It is about a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running FreeBSD 13.0p4 RELEASE, I would like to set up a jail that runs comms/dump1090, which takes input data from a SDR-RTL USB...
  2. maks

    FreeBSD works slow on Raspberry Pi

    Hi community I have tried to use FreeBSD 12.1 on my Pi3 and found out that it works two times slowly then Raspbian Linux for the same tasks. Here is the results below. p.s. I think it happens because the FreeBSD does not switch the CPU to "Turbo" mode and as a fact it works really slow...
  3. M

    FreeBSD 12.0 - module init function is called few times - Raspberry Pi 3.

    Hi, I write a driver of LCD, witch use SPI and GPIO and works on kernelspace. Source code is available on my github: https://github.com/mattpro/freebsd_test2/blob/master/lcd.c I'll try to test spi but I find strength things. When I load module into kernel: kldload ./lcd.ko I see that init...
  4. L

    FreeBSD Raspberry Pi minimal image

    Hi, I see on the repositories that only one 12.0-STABLE .img for RPI3 exists, and it's > 2Gb. The .img includes Mate, anyway, I need only a minimal image because I want my Pi only for firewalling and routing. Does anyone know whether a minimal image exists? Thanks, regards
  5. edalcastillo

    raspberry pi 3 - current - pkg extract slow

    Hello !!! Someone knows why it is so slow the sd that I put it is fast everything is going very well but when I install it for example, pkg install python takes 1 hour to decompress it I thought it could be an error of pkg and probe by port ... portsnap fetch ........ Extracting snapshot ... 30...
  6. DiscmanDaemon

    RPI3 B some issues with jails

    Hello all, I have been experimenting with running a project that works great on AMD64/X86 on an RPI3 B, and have had some hiccups with jails, and I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar, and has any idea as to the cause. I've noticed the standard method of NATting jails on a...
  7. clawhammer

    Solved Whats happening when I type ls and then press ^d?

    On the command line. when I do it with ls command it displays: ls ls-F lsextattr lsvfs. when I do it with cat command it displays: cat catman. I'm reading The Unix Programming environment book and it says ^d sends the info to the program reading from the terminal.
  8. clawhammer

    Solved raspbsd on pi3 with a 1024x768 8" monitor spilling over screen.

    I have tried all the overscan options, the hdmi mode and group options, turning overscan on and off. I am at my wits end with this. When I modify the /boot/config.txt file and change display setting when I reboot the pi3 nothing on the screen changes at all. EDIT:____________________________ I...
  9. A

    RPI3 one-wire GPIO pin

    Hi! I have RPI 3 and FreeBSD 12 installed on it. Unfortunatelly, there is no any dts file on kernel tree and I cannot define one-wire GPIO pin. Is it possible to define one-wire pi without recompilling kernel and dts\dtb files?
  10. Russell Rinaldi

    Howto Raspberry pi 3 dnscrypt-proxy, unbound Caching DNS and DHCP Server

    This how-to assumes that you are a somewhat experienced FreeBSD user, and understand how to use dd carefully to avoid data loss. It also assumes that you are able to restore your system to a working configuration if anything goes wrong. There is a Synopsis/Condensed Version below for the...
  11. A

    ppp causing Fatal data abort in ng_snd_item on Raspberry Pi 3

    I am trying to migrate from my FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE #0 r274401 amd64 system to a FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #0 r313109M arm64 (Raspberry Pi 3) system. So much has gone so well, but now I've reached a real show-stopper. My link to the Internet is PPPoE. I have migrated my ppp.conf file to the RP3...
  12. Q

    Support Raspberry Pi 3 wireless card?

    Hi, I downloaded the image from http://www.raspbsd.org/raspberrypi.html and it's booted successfully on my Raspberry Pi 3. But I found that the wireless card is not working. It turned out the wireless card is Broadcom BCM43438 chip. and after searching, it seems that bwi/bwn still not supports...
  13. R

    Installing FreeBSD on Raspberry Pi 3

    I'm having problems installing FreeBSD from the file image from the webpage http://www.freebsd.org/where.html I've formatted the SD card with both SDFormatter and Fat32formatter.exe. I'm getting as far as to the rainbowscreen but FreeBSD isn't booting.
  14. Maelstorm

    Current FreeBSD support for Raspberry Pi

    What is the current support status for the Raspberry Pi 3?