I can't able to start Lumina-DE

When I try to start lumina-de from xinit /usr/local/bin/Lumina-DE -- :0 it says
Undefined Symbol "_ZN6Q...............................".
xinit: Connection to X server lost.
Server terminated successfully.
Xorg log file is attached.

Please tell me how to fix it.
Note: I have already installed Xfce.


  • Xorg.0.log.txt
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What happens if you follow this:
1) Put the line "exec Lumina-DE" at the end of your user's "~/.xinitrc" file before running startx
And using startx?
Please do a proper upgrade of your system: pkg upgrade
Now it says,
/etc/machine-id No Such File, D-Bus not compiled with backtrace support so unable to print a backtrace
/root/.Xauthority does not exist
bad display name ":0" in "remove" command