1. D

    Solved Lumina DE and Fluxbox Windows Manager

    Hi I am new to Freebsd and I want to set up my first real desktop. But when I try to make Lumina and Fluxbox work together, Fluxbox never work. I always have to start Fluxbox via menu. I enter both of the software in .xinitrc and I just have Lumina that starts. Does someone know why this...
  2. Ahmed Bilal

    I can't able to start Lumina-DE

    When I try to start lumina-de from xinit /usr/local/bin/Lumina-DE -- :0 it saysUndefined Symbol "_ZN6Q...............................". xinit: Connection to X server lost. Server terminated successfully.Xorg log file is attached. Please tell me how to fix it. Note: I have already installed Xfce.