How to connect Raspberry Pi 2 to tontec 3.5" touch display model: MZ61581 using FreeBSD?

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum. I have a New Raspberry Pi 2 and New Tontec 3.5" touch display Model: MZ61581. I want to install FreeBSD as OS on Raspberry Pi 2. I have not found any link or step by step guide for me to get Tontec Touch display working on Raspberry Pi 2 using FreeBSD. Can anyone please guide me on how i can get the touch display start working properly?
You will need to hack in the details of the device to the Device Tree somehow, either directly or through a Device Tree Overlay. This is providing FreeBSD supports the lcd device through source. This line from gonzos blog is a very important clue for his platform.
"I used vendor-provided am335x-boneblack-4dcape-43t.dts file to generate dtb"

These dtb's are used with Linux and the BSD's for device description.