Solved How can I specify the Radeon driver during install?

When the installer boots, it has already loaded loader.conf. Is it possible to specify the radeon kms during the install? If so, how?

On my dell 755, I have a Radeon 2400, I add these to loader.conf and I'm pleased with the result:


I would like to achieve a similar result during install.
Drop to the loader prompt and load the modules by hand using the load command. Then boot the kernel.
That sounds promising, but load radeon load radeonkms load radeonkmsfw load radeonkmsfw_RV610 load radeonkmsfw_RV610_pfp etc all come back with module not found... where are the modules supposed to be?
load needs the full module path e.g. load /boot/kernel/radeonkms.ko

EDIT: Scratch that. What you apparently want to do is run boot-conf first, then interrupt the boot by pressing any key, and then load will work as expected.

Though boot-conf doesn't appear to be documented in loader(8), so I'm probably wrong again.
tobik@, so, translating what you said and adjusting for posterity:

1. Boot from USB
2. At the Welcome to FreeBSD Screen, press 3 for the loader prompt
3. At the loader prompt, enter boot-conf
4. Interrupt the boot process by pressing any key after syms load.
5. At the loader prompt (looks the same, but the kernel's loaded this time), enter:
load /boot/kernel/radeonkmsfw_RV610_pfp.ko
load /boot/kernel/radeonkmsfw_RV610_me.ko
load /boot/kernel/radeonkmsfw_R600_rlc.ko
load /boot/kernel/radeonkms.ko
set kern.vty=vt

6. Celebrate

Sound about right? It works by the way :).