1. A

    Install FreeBSD 12.1 on and amd64 PC stuck at can't find '/boot/entropy'

    I am trying to install FreeBSD 12.1 amd64 on a physical machine from 2010 using a 26GB USB drive and this machine only has traditional BIOS. I created the bootable USB drive using dd bs=4M if=FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img of=/dev/sdd; sync on the Debian. The machine can boot into...
  2. mcjames

    Installing FreeBSD 12.1 on old legecy bios laptop

    I dd the FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img to a usb stick and then tried to boot. It got stuck after I selected option 1 multi user from freebsd boot screen. it shows loading kernel ... and hangs. what's the problem? the laptop in question is a Dell core 2 Duo with Bios and no UFI...
  3. P

    No network interface when installing

    I'm installing FreeBSD 12.1 in a laptop, and when the installation prompts to configure the network (IPv4/IPv6), no adapter appears. I entered another tty (Alt+F4) and run ifconfig, where only lo0 device shows up. Any idea on how to make it recognize the WiFi card?
  4. E

    Can't See the Installation GUI on Thinkpad

    Hi, I'm having trouble installing FreeBSD 12.1 on my ThinkPad T430. Flashing the OS on a USB and DVD give the same result: a tiny installation window on the top of the screen (see image). Everything seems to work, but I just can't see what I'm doing. I've also tried plugging in another monitor...
  5. Allan

    Best Practice Advice - Install script and config variables

    I'm attempting to script (bash) the post installation settings of FreeBSD. I'm trying to programmatically write the settings to /etc/rc.conf, /boot/loader.conf, /etc/sysctl.conf, /etc/devfs.conf, etc. just to name a few. I'm even trying to programmatically create .profile and other skeleton...
  6. B

    FreeBSD 12.1 Release Signed Checksum Signatures Good Signature but key expired.

    Hi All, When I verify the FreeBSD 12.1 Release signed checksum signature using gpg it say good signature but the key has expired. I tried it with -
  7. C

    FreeBSD 12.0 for PPC does not support my DVD-ROM -> Can't Install!!

    My wonderful Apple PowerPC G5 has got a non-Apple DVD-Burner . The Apple OS-X 10.5 (Leopard) installation CD DOES boot from it. However, FreeBSD 12.0 for PPC does NOT boot from this DVD-ROM. To make this a real problem, the MAC PowerPC Firmware does not boot from USB, either. How can I get...
  8. T

    WANTED: Mac mini users

    I am in the process of updating the FreeBSD Wiki and would like to hear from any Mac mini users with hardware models: * macmini1,1 (2006) * macmini4,1 (2010) * macmini6,1 (2012) * macmini7,1 (2014) * macmini8,1 (2018) Specifically: * Does the IR daemon utility aird(1) from...
  9. GeorgeK

    How to install over an older system but keep disk partitions?

    Hello, I have an old FreeBSD system (running 9.3-RELEASE) that I would like to update to the latest 12.0. Trying a "live USB" it seems that the new system would work OK. In the current installation I have a specific partitioning scheme on the boot disk (SSD) and several HDDs configured for ZFS...
  10. Bourbon

    FreeBSD 12.0 install from DVD aborts

    Hi All, We have a nice guy making videos to introduce FreeBSD on YouTube, final result after watching his channel has been the wish of trying 12.0 apparently more user friendly than the previous ones. Got DVD but boot process aborts whitout any warning after some lines; I am in UEFI environment...
  11. J

    Extracting installation images in root?

    A USB installation drive was created for Freebsd-12.0-release-memstick.img. The compressed img.xz file was downloaded via a browser from an Ubuntu Linux machine. It was then extracted with $ xz -dk Freebsd-12.0-memstick.img.xz Should the img.xz file have been extracted in root?
  12. L

    Failure to install FreeBSD-11.0-bootonly on my VPS

    I use as my provider and want to install FreeBSD on the server. I can see that they have the operating system in the dropdown menu, so I do not have to download it myself. However, when I go through the installation I have to set up the internet connection. The information I have...
  13. D

    Can't install FreeBSD 11.2 (After installation the system won't boot!)

    I tried to install FreeBSD on a PC, which had Windows 10 on it. at first i installed FreeBSD using UFS file system and everything was Ok and it installed, then for some reasons i needed the ZFS file system, but after installing, it said: No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key...
  14. Imm0ral_Man1ak

    Solved Which of the ISO-Images is the proper one to install FreeBSD 11.2?

    Hello, I've recently decided to try FreeBSD as an operating system instead of my old one. Now I know some of the questions that I will ask will probably sound very idiotic to some of you (perhaps this one as well), as I am a real dummy when it comes to computers, programming and all of the...
  15. clawhammer

    Solved installing freebsd 11.2 on laptop with uefi.

    I have a msi laptop ge72 7r that I tried to install freebsd on. I turned off secure boot. The laptop have a 256gb ssd drive and a 1tb harddrive. I get the installation to boot from the mem stick and install a guid partition with a gpt, / , and swap partition on the entire disk. The installation...
  16. Z

    Installing 10.X from Memstick doesn't work, but 9.X works.

    Hi FreeBSD Community, I wanted to install FreeBSD on my old PC, just to play around a little, and maybe write some software for it, just for the fun of it. I'm nowhere near a proffesional, so please have mercy on me. And patience, lots of patience. Anyway, first I installed FreeBSD 9.2, via a...
  17. Harmnot

    Solved Failed startx on nvidia optimus

    i have a difficult thing to set up Xorg on my laptop nvidia optimus, Allienware M11x R3 Intel i7-4xxx Nvidia gt 540M and intel driver Ram 8 GB When i install Xorg on Freebsd and startx It failed I tried to create spesicif driver to enable just one driver because my laptop cant run both driver on...
  18. Harmnot

    Missing boot loader

    I have finished installion but when i boot missing boot loader , this js twice times happened to me when i want to install bsd to my external HDD, Forst time I was tying install from iso file to bootably by dvd , And this is the second was trying install from IMG to my pen drive When i have...
  19. Harmnot

    Can’t Boot after finishing installation

    Hey I have done to install FreeBSD on my external HDD, but I can’t boot and can't find any dual boot on it How can I can dual boot with FreeBSD? My BIOS is legacy, not UEFI. NVidia Optimus, my external HDD is Seagate, I never format that Seagate I saw the disk of BSD on my Seagate but it...
  20. Harmnot

    Finish install but cant boot

    I have finish install bsd but there is no boot option on my computer ? Is there any missing file on ?