1. D

    Can't install FreeBSD 11.2 (After installation the system won't boot!)

    I tried to install FreeBSD on a PC, which had Windows 10 on it. at first i installed FreeBSD using UFS file system and everything was Ok and it installed, then for some reasons i needed the ZFS file system, but after installing, it said: No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key...
  2. Imm0ral_Man1ak

    Solved Which of the ISO-Images is the proper one to install FreeBSD 11.2?

    Hello, I've recently decided to try FreeBSD as an operating system instead of my old one. Now I know some of the questions that I will ask will probably sound very idiotic to some of you (perhaps this one as well), as I am a real dummy when it comes to computers, programming and all of the...
  3. clawhammer

    Solved installing freebsd 11.2 on laptop with uefi.

    I have a msi laptop ge72 7r that I tried to install freebsd on. I turned off secure boot. The laptop have a 256gb ssd drive and a 1tb harddrive. I get the installation to boot from the mem stick and install a guid partition with a gpt, / , and swap partition on the entire disk. The installation...
  4. Z

    Installing 10.X from Memstick doesn't work, but 9.X works.

    Hi FreeBSD Community, I wanted to install FreeBSD on my old PC, just to play around a little, and maybe write some software for it, just for the fun of it. I'm nowhere near a proffesional, so please have mercy on me. And patience, lots of patience. Anyway, first I installed FreeBSD 9.2, via a...
  5. Harmnot

    Solved Failed startx on nvidia optimus

    i have a difficult thing to set up Xorg on my laptop nvidia optimus, Allienware M11x R3 Intel i7-4xxx Nvidia gt 540M and intel driver Ram 8 GB When i install Xorg on Freebsd and startx It failed I tried to create spesicif driver to enable just one driver because my laptop cant run both driver on...
  6. Harmnot

    Missing boot loader

    I have finished installion but when i boot missing boot loader , this js twice times happened to me when i want to install bsd to my external HDD, Forst time I was tying install from iso file to bootably by dvd , And this is the second was trying install from IMG to my pen drive When i have...
  7. Harmnot

    Can’t Boot after finishing installation

    Hey I have done to install FreeBSD on my external HDD, but I can’t boot and can't find any dual boot on it How can I can dual boot with FreeBSD? My BIOS is legacy, not UEFI. NVidia Optimus, my external HDD is Seagate, I never format that Seagate I saw the disk of BSD on my Seagate but it...
  8. Harmnot

    Finish install but cant boot

    I have finish install bsd but there is no boot option on my computer ? Is there any missing file on ?
  9. Harmnot

    Failed to install because X server

    I can't install *bsd* because can't connect or failed to X server to graphical mode , The pic here ( I can't upload picture here because the file it said the file too larger) I am in very first time to install unix , and I am not IT guy please be friendly to explain to make me easy to...
  10. D

    FreeBSD 11.1 fresh install - Nvidia install howto??

    I just started with FreeBSD and wonder if there is anyone, who could help me to get my Nvidia GT 730 graphic Card installed. If I google around, I find some examples which provide more questions than answers and are not always leading to success. Wondering if here is someone with patients and...
  11. F

    Solved Installing FreeBSD 11.1 on HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 issues

    Hello. First post here and brand new to FreeBSD in general. I'm attempting to install FreeBSD on my new HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8. The install itself is successful, or at least as far as I can see. Once I attempt to re-boot the system after install, it doesn't boot from the HDD (install...
  12. Rastko

    Solved Single tool for maintaining everything

    Hi, Couple of questions about portmaster. Given that the documentation and some tools related to the "ports" system regard programs installed from binary package repository as "ports", does that mean: 1. We can use tools like portmaster to manage everything, regardless of the way it was...
  13. christopherdumas

    FreeBSD on MacBook Pro (15", 2017)

    Hi everyone! This will be my first post on the FreeBSD forum (and, in fact, any forum anywhere). I've used Linux (mostly Debian and later Arch Linux) for most of my life on the computer, but for the last two years or so I've been using a Mac. I've become increasingly unhappy with the attitude of...
  14. V

    Blue Screen Of Death when insert FreeBSD usb stick

    Sorry if I double the thread, but I didn't find answer. If I write a usb stick img in the Windows (tried XP and 7) then after direct write finished I have BSOD and rebooting. The same if I just insert FreeBSD installation usb to the Windows machine. So if Windows try to mount FreeBSD...
  15. decuser

    How can I specify the Radeon driver during install?

    When the installer boots, it has already loaded loader.conf. Is it possible to specify the radeon kms during the install? If so, how? On my dell 755, I have a Radeon 2400, I add these to loader.conf and I'm pleased with the result: radeonkmsfw_RV610_pfp_load="YES"...
  16. decuser

    gop error during install

    I get the following error during install, when I pull up the loader prompt and try to use the gop command: gop: Graphics Output Protocol not present (error = 14) I did some work on googling the problem to no avail. How can I find out more about what went wrong, or is this an expected error?
  17. decuser

    Video Issue Installing FBSD 11.1 on 20" iMac Early 2008 (iMac8,1)

    I am trying to repurpose my old iMac as a FreeBSD 11.1 workstation and I'm getting a whacked out screen when I boot into the installer from EFI USB after selecting, 1. Boot into Multiuser, in bsdinstall. It looks like the horizontal scan is off on each row and as a result the screen is...
  18. simonpie

    Which image for apu processor

    Hello, I am thinking to buy a apu2c4 board to build a gateway at home. It has an amd 64 puma architecture. But from the page of freebsd, this amd architecture does not seem to be supported. So, which image should I use ? If anyone care, please feel free to propose another board as long as...
  19. decuser

    zfs partitioning during installation advice

    I've been using Freebsd to serve my git repo and rsync needs as well as desktop for a few years without any problems using the default partitioning scheme from Freebsd 9, then 10. I recently upgraded to 11, and everything seems to be working fine. Never one to let things be, I am considering...
  20. S

    Installer is not recognizing host drives.

    I have a server that I am trying to install FreeBSD on using the FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-amd64-memstick image (the server does not have a CD drive). All the hard drives (only a couple of SSDs for now) are on a backplane attached to two Adaptec 5405z adapters. The drives are initialized and set up...