1. kuroneko

    Thinking of moving to FreeBSD from Linux

    So I've been thinking of switching to FreeBSD on my desktop which is currently dual booting Windows and Fedora Linux. I like FreeBSD and I have used it in the past and I find it easier to use and understand than Linux but I'm not sure if it would work with my setup and I wouldn't wanna format...
  2. L

    is it possible to install two instances of FreeBSD on TPM desktop?

    I tried to install FreeBSD 14 release again (on a separate partition) on my desktop. I am successfully creating two boot entries in BIOS. FreeBSD, and FreeBSD 2. But no matter which entry I choose, the system is booting up with the older installation. I tried to get help of chatgpt but all of...
  3. G

    bsdinstaller refuses to even start, falls through to inoperative amnesiac login

    Hello all! Quite excited to make the switch to FreeBSD, however the installer refuses to even start. I have tried every image & iso for installation. I currently I am trying a 14.0 release memstick img written via the win32diskimager. I have a zephry rog g14 2021. The installer works fine up...
  4. jambock.84

    Solved Installing FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE on Dell Vostro (GPT+ZFS on SSD)

    DISCLAIMER: Introduction After a successful installation of FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE on a Dell OptiPlex Micro (MMF) 7010 (GPT+ZFS on NVMe SSD) I felt encouraged to do the "same" on an older Dell Vostro 3470 of mine which was running a fully updated FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE. The system uses UEFI...
  5. jambock.84

    Solved Installing FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE on Dell OptiPlex Micro (GPT+ZFS on NVMe SSD)

    DISCLAIMER: The beginning of the story I've got a new hardware, Dell OptiPlex Micro Form Factor 7010, on which I was willing to perform a "relatively minimal" :-/ FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE installation. After having successfully created & tested the "recovery media" following Dell recommendations...
  6. T

    Interesting behavior of the installer (cosmetic) on 14.0-RC3

    Interesting behavior of the installer (cosmetic) on 14.0-RC3: number of files read seems to report random large numbers (positive and negative). It doesn't seem to affect the installation. Install media is FreeBSD-14.0-RC3-i386-disc1.iso on a i386 architecture within VMWare Player 16.
  7. M

    Solved startx fails with "no screens found"

    I want to move over to FreeBSD from OpenBSD, but I'm having some problems right at the start. Installation done, network connected, boots. Now I want to install X11. Start off with: pkg install xorg ...and add my user to the video group. Once that's done, check the graphics card: pciconf...
  8. C

    HowTo: Installing and running Gitlab

    I originally installed Gitlab on FreeBSD 12.4 attempting to follow the article at [1]. While this is a good starting point, things have changed over time because there were numerous things not mentioned that need to be done to get things going properly. So I started this post with the intent to...
  9. H

    Problems setting up Wi-Fi with Intel AX200 according to the Handbook chapter 33.3 / 33.4 in FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE

    Hello FreeBSD community, I wanted to describe my situation because I'm not quite sure what I did exactly wrong, and I do think that, given the relatively typical circumstances, this might be a documentation issue with the manual, so I wanted to ask if there are other resources I could consider...
  10. K

    FreeBSD on ZFS without Boot and Swap.

    Hi! First of all, I am complete newbie in FreeBSD. I would like to install FreeBSD on ZFS. Modern installer have everything to install FreeBSD on ZFS without any problems, but I have a one "Ideafix", if you know what I mean. I want to remove Boot and Swap partitions from ZFS pool(RAIDZ1) and...
  11. G

    FreeBSD does not boot after installing on external hdd

    I trying install FreeBSD to external HDD from memstick. OS successfully installed, but when I tried to boot absolutely nothing happens. Something like computer tries to find another disk to boot system. In process of installing I choosed Auto(UFS) partition and MBR partition scheme. Nothing...
  12. X

    GELI, change default integrity algorithm at installation time

    Intro: Hi, I'm about to switch to FreeBSD for main dailly desktop usage, and I'm concerned about my data and slightly about performance. Context: My machine is 64bit and i know (based on what I've read online) that, SHA-512 is faster than SHA-256 on a 64bit system. Goal: So, i was wondering if...
  13. C

    Installation succeeds but not bootloader

    I have a machine which previously dual-booted Windows 10 and GhostBSD, using rEFInd (which was installed by the GhostBSD installer). I'm trying to wipe the machine and install a fresh copy of FreeBSD 13.1 as the only OS on the machine. (I used GhostBSD to figure out some hardware stuff and...
  14. B

    How do I factory reset FreeBSD?

    On Windows (the OS I'm most familiar with) you can factory restore the system so that it appears in the same way that it did when Windows was first installed. Is this an option for FreeBSD? I cluttered my system pretty bad when I was first learning and I want to start over without deleting and...
  15. F

    ahcich1: Timeout on slot n port 0 interrupting FreeBSD 13.1 install.

    Hello, I'm trying to install FreeBSD 13.1 on a Lenovo E545 Laptop. A SunplusIT Inc. integrated camera is interrupting installation. Initially I get: Root mount waiting for:CAM Root mount waiting for:ahcich1: Timeout on slot n port 0 After 2-3 screens of timeouts, the install menu appears and...
  16. byrnejb

    qemu Linux vm with virt-manager, problems with install/post install.

    I created a vm for 'rocky linux' using virt-manager. A virtual console was presented and the install was completed normally. When I rebooted from the console the machine evidently restarted and is currently running. However, I cannot get a console window to open. The virt-manager display...
  17. Sivan!

    Solved BSD hypervisor

    # The thread was opened with the idea of installing Bhyve-server in an old amd server with 13.1 command line, the first few posts relate to the errors / limitations during install in that server. After that I moved on to install in in a desktop with kde5. The errors mentioned in the first few...
  18. A

    Is it possible to install from a running system?

    Would it work If I do the installation manually like creating BSD disklabel/UFS partitions, doing tar -xf base.txz kernel.txz onto new root, running grub-mkconfig and then running bsdconfig once I boot into the new OS?
  19. I

    Do i need to worry about wifi drivers when installing freebsd?

    I had problems with a lot of linux distros related to missing wifi drivers that are a pain in the butt or near impossible to install, will i need to install wifi drivers first before installing freebsd?
  20. Farhan Khan

    bsdinstall's /etc/installerconfig networking help

    Hi all, I am trying to use etc/installerconfig to templatize the dev VM installations that I frequently do, but cannot figure out how to enable networking. I would like to enable networking during the install, so that I can download packages. The interface name with likely be em0, or vtnet0. Is...