1. decuser

    FreeBSD Fridays and Office Hours

    All, In case you missed it, the FreeBSD foundation is hosting FreeBSD Fridays and Office Hours. These events are synchronous, live sessions, where the host(s) talk about, demonstrate, or answer questions in real time. The video portion is livestreamed and there is a IRC chatroom associated with...
  2. Incnis Mrsi

    Effects of kernel drivers on video adapter

    Hello. Ī am long accustomed to handling of video adapters by Linux. But now doing some setup and testing with FreeBSD 12.1 where things go differently. In spite of all my efforts, the system (except for Xorg) makes no reasonable job on video modes: not a single time did...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    converting a video to grayscale with ffmpeg

    convert a video to grayscale ffmpeg -i infile -filter:v "hue=s=0" outfile.mp4 cropping a video, converting to grayscale and padding ffmpeg -i infile.mp4 -filter:v "crop=1440:1080:240:0,hue=s=0,pad=1920:ih:(ow-iw)/2" outfile.mp4 example of big buck bunny cropped, converted to grayscale and...
  4. NapoleonWils0n

    create thumbnails from a video and tile into an image

    create thumbnails from a video and tile into an image like a contact sheet or film strip tile-thumbnails github Note that you can use two different time unit formats: sexagesimal (HOURS:MM:SS.MILLISECONDS, as in 01:23:45.678), or in seconds. If a fraction is used, such as 02:30.05, this is...
  5. NapoleonWils0n

    Some handy ffmpeg commands

    Hi Heres how to extract the audio from a single video file ffmpeg -i infile.mp4 -vn -c:a copy outfile.m4a batch extract audio from video files find -s . -type f -name "*.mp4" -exec sh -c \ 'ffmpeg -i "${0}" -vn -c:a copy "${0%.*}.m4a"' \ "{}" \;
  6. NapoleonWils0n

    editing audio and video with ffmpeg - scripts and youtube videos

    Hi I have written some shell scripts (bourne shell not bash) for basic video and audio editing tasks with ffmpeg A lot of the open source video editors dont really compare to Final Cut Pro or Davinci Resolve, and can be difficult to get hardware encoding working Thats why i decided to write...
  7. NapoleonWils0n

    Firefox 72 picture in picture video working on Freebsd

    Hi Just a head up that Firefox 72 picture in picture video is working on Freebsd Open a video on youtube click the blue icon that appears on compatible video players/embeds. This makes the video “pop out” in to its own floating player frame which you can resize and reposition on your screen...
  8. NapoleonWils0n

    ffmpeg fade and cross fade audio and video

    Using ffmpeg to fade and cross fade audio and video ffmpeg can be used to fade and cross fade audio and video in a single clip, or between 2 or more clips which is handy if you dont wont to open a video editor Combine audio and video files into a new file Sometimes you need to extract the...
  9. NapoleonWils0n

    Downloading, extracting and adding subtitles to video on the command line

    Extracting, adding and deleting closed captions from videos ffmpeg install # pkg install ffmpeg ccextractor install # pkg install ccextractor youtube-dl pkg install # pkg install youtube-dl Youtube-dl manual install Manually install youtube-dl using pip on Freebsd Install python 3.6 and...
  10. decuser

    Help choosing a video card

    All, I would like to buy a cheap, compatible, video card that is able to output 1920x1080 through an hdmi cable. Is there such a thing? I would appreciate your suggestions for 2019. I have read endless posts about how to get this card or that card to work, but is there a card that will just...
  11. T

    Solved Obsolete abandonware! drm-legacy-kmod

    I installed graphics/drm-legacy-kmod-g20190213 which results in a bunch of messages when loading thus: Apr 8 23:54:33 tiger kernel: drmn0: ======================================================= Apr 8 23:54:33 tiger kernel: drmn0: This code is obsolete abandonware. Install the...
  12. NapoleonWils0n

    Chromium 73 picture in picture video now working

    Chromium 73 has just been released today and picture in picture mode for video is now working To use pip right click on a video playing on youtube twice, the second time you right click you will see a picture in picture option which will pop the video out of the browser window If you are...

    FreeBSD 12.00 on MacPro 1,1 2006

    Hello,I recently installed FreeBSD 12.0 on a MacPro 1,1. Due to the EFI being 32bit I had to use this website and tool to remove EFI functions from the installer. Worked great for creating an...
  14. W

    Audio, And Video issues on a fresh install of FreeBSD

    im trying to set two monitors, and AMDGPU driver on FreeBSD, the output of the commands that i know of are under. [EDIT] my amd.conf file for the GPU, sorry forgot it: Xorg.0.log: Xrandr: rc.conf...
  15. NapoleonWils0n

    chromium 71 is out picture in picture crashes

    Hi All Chromium has finally been updated from version 68 to 71. So I thought I'd try out the picture in picture, basically on a youtube page you right click twice on the video and then you get an option to open the video in PIP mode. That then opens the video in its own window which then...
  16. NapoleonWils0n

    Use Newsboat rss reader and mpv to subscribe and play bsdnow youtube feed

    You can use the newsboat rss reader which is a fork of newsbeuter and mpv player to subscibe to youtube channels and playlists rss feeds, like bsdnow and create a newsboat macro to open the video with mpv player and use w3m as the default browser or firefox as a secondary browser * install...
  17. usernamekiran

    Videos not playing smoothly.

    Hello. I am using 11.1 on a laptop. It has 16GB RAM, an intel i-6 quad core processor, and NVIDIA graphics card (which currently doesnt work (discussed here). If I play video of any quality, it doesnt play smoothly at all. It plays similar to a slideshow. First of all I had built a package of...
  18. decuser

    Solved How can I specify the Radeon driver during install?

    When the installer boots, it has already loaded loader.conf. Is it possible to specify the radeon kms during the install? If so, how? On my dell 755, I have a Radeon 2400, I add these to loader.conf and I'm pleased with the result: radeonkmsfw_RV610_pfp_load="YES"...
  19. decuser

    Video Issue Installing FBSD 11.1 on 20" iMac Early 2008 (iMac8,1)

    I am trying to repurpose my old iMac as a FreeBSD 11.1 workstation and I'm getting a whacked out screen when I boot into the installer from EFI USB after selecting, 1. Boot into Multiuser, in bsdinstall. It looks like the horizontal scan is off on each row and as a result the screen is...
  20. Q

    Dump Video BIOS at FreeBSD - how to do it?

    While trying to dump Video BIOS of my GPU at Linux - I always get Input/Output error. Would like to try FreeBSD. Please tell, how to dump Video BIOS of my GPU at FreeBSD?