Solved gptboot: No /boot/loader


Beastie Himself

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That image does not display for me.

defaults are not meant to be changed, the file to edit is /boot/loader.conf, which overrides the defaults. What did you change, and why?
Daniel Tinivella Guzman

Daniel Tinivella Guzman

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Hi guys,

I failed to make work the boot, but I could mount the disk and copy the data (using other disk with FreeBSD 10.2) in the partition where the users were and I did a full backup.

I ran
#gpart show
to look where the puck was...

I mounted it in this way ...
#mount -t ufs /dev/ada1p2 /mnt/newdisk

It's not a good way to do it but it served me.

(Note: I could see that the boot disappeared, it was a power failure).