1. N

    Solved unable to create more than 6 partitions using mfsbsd (UFS/GPT)

    Hi, I am trying to configure FreeBSD 11.1 auto installation using the mfsbsd utility, Auto installation works fine when I define 6 partitions but when I try to configure more than 6 partitions then it failed with no space available index '9' While checking the mfsbsd scripts under...
  2. D

    Solved Can't boot on my usb stick

    Hello, I wanted to try out FreeBSD so I downloaded FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-i386-mini-memstick.img and wrote it on my 16 GB USB key using 'Win32DiskImager' , all went smooth the img wasn't corrupted. I then tried to boot on my usb stick but the following message appeared gptboot: primary GPT table...
  3. Daniel Tinivella Guzman

    Solved gptboot: No /boot/loader

    Hi guys, I attempted to change /boot/defaults/loader.conf and it doesn't work. I searched on Google and I found solutions. The kernel boot process doesn't work. If this ever happened to you, please help. Thank you very much to all, Daniel.