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Future of FreeBSD



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As I said somewhere, FreeBSD is not an application developer. Ask the OpenSim people why their code doesn't run on FreeBSD. FreeBSD has no influence in this.
Why anyone wants Windows code to work on BSD is beyond me. And i don't care what anyone says or thinks about the usefulness of Mono and .NET. It's origins are for the Microsoft world, not BSD/Linux/Unix.

I understand Mono's usefulness in porting over Microsoft software in some cases but most talk of its use is not that. Mono is an inefficient infection in most cases and, if you noticed, Microsoft more and more is integrating Unix style software into Windows to the point where I see them dropping Windows core and running a Unix system. We'll see.


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Careful: Isilon and EMC are really two different companies. Isilon did all the engineering and development when they were a free-standing company, before being bought by EMC. And even today, the corporate parent (Dell-)EMC does not take much direct technical influence over its Isilon division. The story with NetWorker is similar: it was a product of Legato, fully developed, before the company was bought by EMC. So Legato is not identical to EMC, even if it is owned by them.
I will start by saying that I do not want to convince You to my point of view.

Generally that is how Enterprises work, EMC bought Isilon, Data Domain, Legato (and renamed to Networker) then it was bought by DELL and now the rumors are that DELL EMC would be bought by VMware ... these are often financial optimization or to omit the taxes, HP bought DEC and Compaq, recently HPE (after split into HP and HPE) sold their software division to Micro Focus (which also owns SUSE) ... it never ends.

Going back to Isilon, EMC bought it 8 years ago, for me as EMC user it does not matter if it aquired some company or it developed it themselves, they have ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION to provide at least basic client for FreeBSD as they are using FreeBSD and even commiting to/developing the FreeBSD itself, so not providing a EMC Netowrker client for FreeBSD by EMC is a hypocrisy for me, that is how I interpret hypocrisy, you may interpret hypocrisy otherwise and I do not have problem with that.

One also has to remember that Legato NetWoker is at its core pretty old. I looked it up, and they still have full client support for Irix and Tru64, and for HP-UX on PA-RISC, which are operating systems that have not been sold new in many years. I know that Legato was a big company already 20 years ago; I used to see their building somewhere here in Silicon valley already long ago. Isilon is comparatively young, a product of the scalout-storage wave of the early 2000s. Neither company is located anywhere near EMC central (which has always been on the east coast).
Yes and no. EMC Networker 8.x and earlier codebase is old. In Networker 9.x most critical components are rewritten, some solutions migrated from file based database like solutions to PostgreSQL or SQLite databases. The very core of Networker 9.x has been rewritten, even Netowrker 8.2.3 and later uses that new core, Networker 8.2.2 and earlier uses the old 'Legato' core. Thus, after all these rewirites all Backup Policies has to be reimplemented when migrating from Networker 8.x to Netowrker 9.x, it cannot be just upgraded.


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Today I came through a very wired topic on YouTube. A guy was saying that the future of BSD os is in danger as we have lesser developers compared to Linux and also the code quality is poor compared to Linux distros. He also stated that when a bug is reported in Linux it is fixed within few days or weeks but BSD has many serious bugs over than a decade. And also due to permissive BSD licence it is loosing it's popularity. Here is the website which has posted an article on this subject.


Now my question is if it is real or if becomes true in near future then what will happen to the diehard BSD users or common BSD fans like us? Even what will happen to those company who are using BSD for their business(WhatsApp/Netflix) or mostly to mac os as it has Darwin(based on FreeBSD) in it's core? I know that I/anyone can switch to Linux anytime but end of the day BSD is like home
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