ZFS FreeBSD not detecting OpenSolaris ZFS

I'm trying to transfer off some data from old 137G SAS drives that were in a Dell 1U server. I believe that the 2 drives were in a mirrored configuration when I last checked them.

I pulled the SAS card and the drives and attached them to my machine.

I booted FreeBSD 10.2 to LiveCD and I can see that it detects the card as mpt0.

It detects the drives as da0 and da1. And that's where the goodness stops ...

zfs list and zpool list both return with nothing available.

gpart show shows kind of a strange partitioning, and the partitions on one disk are labeled as linux-raid and the other disk as !191.

I don't even know where to start to try to begin hunting down what I need to do.

I can probably resurrect the old server, but it's kind of painful as I only have one SAS card and I have to move it back and forth between the machines.

Let me know what information I need to cough up from the old machine from the command line and I'll be happy to do it.

There is probably some partition on the disks created by the controller. So you may try to see if the mptutil(8) utility may be of some help here or check if there is any ROM configuration utility on card, which can manage attached disk. I would expect that card "transplanted" along with disks would pick up previous configuration, but we don't live in the perfect world. Maybe you changed ports on the card?

Also you may need to zpool import the pool and search beforehand what would be result if you import pool with name already present in the system.
Have you actually tried `zpool import`? ZFS by default does not import file systems it does not know about and which previously were imported by different system. ZFS should not bother about file system type in partition table while partition boundaries are read correctly.