1. D

    Solved Advice on how best to import older pool to FreeBSD(fury) 12.0

    Hi all, I started with OpenSolaris back in the day and upgraded to the 'personal' Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 without upgrading the ZFS version as I wanted to hold on to the 'universal' zfs version. Now that this system is impossible to maintain in any safe manner, and having watched and played...
  2. B

    ZFS FreeBSD not detecting OpenSolaris ZFS

    I'm trying to transfer off some data from old 137G SAS drives that were in a Dell 1U server. I believe that the 2 drives were in a mirrored configuration when I last checked them. I pulled the SAS card and the drives and attached them to my machine. I booted FreeBSD 10.2 to LiveCD and I can...
  3. ikbendeman

    How do you feel about OpenSolaris?

    I'm interested to know what other FreeBSD users think and feel about OpenSolaris, it's infrastructure, software support, anything? I like it, though its a bit immature on the software side and I hate its devfs implementation. Oh, and how do you guys feel about its community?