1. F

    Black Screen and Cross-cursor after login (FreeBSD / KDE5)

    Hello ! I have a problem that has been turning my head for 1 day ... That's all, I tried to install FreeBSD on a VMWare virtual machine. I want to install KDE5. My installations and configurations: -xorg -kde5 -sddm sysrc dbus_enable="YES" sysrc hald_enable="YES" sysrc sddm_enable="YES" I...
  2. I

    Help needed to get KDE installed and running inside a Jail.

    I'm trying to install KDE in jail. I've installed these: Set the /etc/fstab (inside the jail): And added to /etc/rc.conf (inside jail): And the I tried to start the jail, and got these errors in the sddm.log file: I tried to run "Xorg -configure" and got: I think there is no video...
  3. Mjölnir

    FreeBSD Kommunity Edition

    Let's just brainstorm... What would you expect a "FreeBSD Kommunity Edition" to be/offer? What would you like it to be/offer? Is there demand for such a thing? Would you like to see a *BSD Kommunity Edition? What is missing or should be better in base FreeBSD / in the KDE ports? Add your...
  4. vigole

    Solved KDE, Wayland and Systemd

    There was one good thing about IBM, Microsoft and Intel business activities in the past. Their goal was clear: to gain more market share, make more money and total annihilation of competitors. However nowadays it's a completely different story, especially in the open source and free software...
  5. skeletonboss12

    Solved reinstalled KDE5, many issues to follow

    Edit: Following a package update that causes even more issues.. I have opted to reinstall, and never switch from quarterly again. This seems to have fixed it I am on freebsd 12.1 x64, running the latest branch for ports. I had uninstalled KDE to try out MATE, after I was done I reinstalled KDE...
  6. Argentum

    KDE Plasma Log Out problem

    Hello, Just yesterday I upgraded my KDE Plasma desktop to new version 5.19.0 using portupgrade -R. After updating I have problems logging out (get KCrash Handler error) - Application: kwin_x11 (kwin_x11), signal: Segmentation fault [KCrash Handler] #7 0x0000000803282d1f in...
  7. M

    KDE Plasma becoming more stable for each version?

    Hi! My good old FreeBSD machine went dead (with Xfce) a little while ago, so at the moment I am using a machine with Devuan and KDE Plasma 5.8.3 which, when it comes to stability, I am not satisfied with. Concidering the evolvement of KDE Plasma I am wondering if you guys who have been running...
  8. kub-kun

    I can't change resolution and refresh rate on virtualbox

    Hi, I cannot change resolution. I tried via xrandr, arandr and KDE5 settings but it simply doesn't work. I'm using FreeBSD on my virtual machine. I use Virtualbox and I think that this may be a problem. When I try to change resolution it gives: "Failed to get size of gamma for output default". I...
  9. I

    Solved Any idea how to install KDE with an nvidia card?

    I followed this tutorial to install KDE: https://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/x11-wm.html , but whenever I startx I got an error about frame buffer mode. I found that it means that I need to set the video card driver. I found somewhere (don't remember) a file named xf86-video-nvidia, so I guess...
  10. R

    Solved KDE no longer responds to mouse clicks on desktop

    To close down KDE I normally right click on a blank area of the desktop and select 'Leave' but as from this morning KDE does not respond to right clicks on the desktop. The problem only affects the desktop, all windows and taskbar icons still respond normally to right clicks. One thing which...
  11. Dogers

    Solved KDE-5 UTF-8 support issue.

    Greetings to everyone. First thing first, I am quite new to FreeBSD (using it for 2-3 months) and I wanted to thank everyone who have contributed to the FreeBSD Handbook which one of the most complete and well-structured manual I ever seen. I intend to migrate my main desktop from Debian to...
  12. S

    KDE Documentation Installation

    Hello FreeBSD experts, I installed successfully from memstick image the version FreeBSD 13. But, I'm following the documentation: https://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/x11-wm.html and when I execute pkg install x11/kde5 the response is that it doesn't found the package...
  13. Cookie-Nerd

    Multiple user-interfaces

    Hi there! After much of trouble with the ports I installed BSD with success and I was able to boot Gnome. But I got bored so I started do wonder if I could install KDE next to Gnome. It worked to install kDE but now here's my problem: I commented out the lines "gdm_enable="YES" and...
  14. B

    How to install themes and personalize KDE

    I installed KDE following the Handbook. But its aspect standard isn't very comfortable. I'm not meaning that it looks bad, the opposite. But I want that someone tell me how to personalize it in this system. All I have found googling where guides for Linux, not for FBSD. If you can attach...
  15. C

    How to install Kde-Services to the Dolphin?

    Hi, i am trying to burn Ubuntu or WIndows10 iso file to the Usb and i think Kde-Services will be useful for this. (use dd command) Dolphin: Control -> Configure Dolphin... -> Services -> Download New Services... -> Installed kde-services plug-in but it doesnt work. How can i make it work?
  16. C

    How can i create bootable usb in FreeBSD?

    Hi, I installed FreeBSD 11.1 with Kde and it works. (It doesnt have gpu accelerator but works anyway) Question is how can I create bootable Windows10 usb or Ubuntu usb in FreeBSD? I downloaded the ubuntu-16.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso file. If it's possible I can download Windows10-x64.iso too. Is...
  17. I

    FreeBSD Current w/ Xorg & Nvidia

    Hello, I was trying to install the latest Current on a machine w/ a Nvidia K600 (it does have onboard Intel graphics as well). Unfortunately I am unable to startx as it either complains about "No screens found" or another error message related to framebuffer mode. As layed out in the...
  18. M

    can't set correct screen resolution

    Hi all. Use display philips 236vl, Radeon HD 6550D, the default resolution is 1280x1024 (the picture does not fit in the screen width. ), it is the maximum, although for this display the manufacturer recommends 1920x1080 (60Gz), but it is not in the list. edit xorg.conf did not help. Im...
  19. goshanecr

    What state of kde5 on FreeBSD?

    Hi friends! I want to install kate for development, and I want use actual version from kde5 applications, help me please, is it exists in ports?
  20. autoreleasepool

    area51 repo has disappeared and KDE5 framework landed in ports -- is plasma5 incoming?

    The experimental area51 repo has dissapeard from area51.pcbsd.org for no officially disclosed reason. https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-freebsd/2017-May/026024.html https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-freebsd/2017-May/026028.html However, the KDE Framework 5.3 has officially landed in ports...