1. D

    Solved Pkg: "No address record" with http ports open (PF)

    I'm using a fairly strict PF ruleset on a server and I am having trouble with updating the system. I have port 80 and 443 open (http and https respectively) but I get a "No address record" error when I try to update the repositories. I also have port 21 open in case it used ftp, but it...
  2. T

    Solved replacement anti-spam filter for Sylpheed?

    I use Sylpheed as mail client for one of my (old) mail accounts. It's so old that I still receive mail via POP, not IMAP (I have that option, but haven't used it yet). I have used mail/py-spambayes as the anti-spam filter solution for this for many years. Alas, py-spambayes works only with...
  3. Dogers

    Solved Install all pkgs that contains *someting* in the name ...

    Greetings to everyone. I wish to know if there is a way to install all pkg that contains some String like for instance : "zh-" as a filter. I know that I can do that on Debian based linux distros with commands like that : sudo apt-get install zh-* = will install all packages starting with...
  4. S

    email addresses with '.xyz' tld banned on FreeBSD Forum

    I just registered to the FreeBSD Forum and was forced to use my gmail address. Why am I not allowed to use my own domain? My domain has a xyz tld. It seems like all email-addresses with an xyz tld are blocked ☹.
  5. N

    Solved Mail filtering not working with postfix+dovecot

    Hello, I've had a Postix + Dovecot2 mail server running for some time. So far, my clients have been managing their emails via my Roundcube installation or their own client programs. But now I'm trying to implement a server-side Sieve filtering and I'm stuck. I've installed a...