Black screen just after boot form DVD when installing FreeBSD 11

Recently I decided to install the FreeBSD OS on my laptop alongside the Windows 7.
Now I've got a problem. When I try to boot from DVD, it starts to boot, but after a few seconds my laptop goes on a black screen and it seems that the external DVD ROM is silent.
I have waited for several minutes but its not happened anything to that black screen and I cant see any option to choose to install the OS.
This problem is just for my laptop and I tried my DVD on other laptops and every thing was alright.
any idea ?
I think there are two avenues to consider.
The FreeBSD system console video setting or the EFI firmware settings.

System console video settings are controlled by the loader system.
From the loader screen(beastie) press 3 and try this:
kern.vty=sc then enter key, then boot

Another area to consider is changes to your EFI settings in your bios. Maybe try CSM versus UEFI only.
Phishfry, I used your April, 2017 idea today to get around the same symptom, on a Hitachi CR220/HA8000 with 11.1-RELEASE.

I noticed that it's actually set kern.vty=sc, instead of just kern.vty=sc, so I thought I'd add that here for the next soul who's searching for clues about this symptom. Thanks again!