black screen

  1. S

    Black screen just after boot form DVD when installing FreeBSD 11

    Recently I decided to install the FreeBSD OS on my laptop alongside the Windows 7. Now I've got a problem. When I try to boot from DVD, it starts to boot, but after a few seconds my laptop goes on a black screen and it seems that the external DVD ROM is silent. I have waited for several minutes...
  2. C

    Solved Xorg blackscreen with nVidia-driver

    Hello Community, I am new to FreeBSD and have a problem with the nVidia-driver for Xorg. Yesterday I installed FreeBSD-10.3-RELEASE on my laptop (MSI CX61 with NVIDIA GeForce 820M) and build Xorg form the Ports Collection. Then I created the configuration files for the keyboard and for the...
  3. multixrulz

    Solved eeePC 900AX screen black after exiting X

    Hi, I'm trying to get FreeBSD to play nicely on my eeePC 900AX. I'm using xfce4 and starting it using $ startxfce4 That's all good, the correct video driver is chosen etc. But when I "log out", I get a black screen instead of the expected shell prompt. The prompt is actually there and I can...
  4. P

    Xorg configuration Intel HD 3000 black screen

    Hello! I have Intel HD graphics 3000 integrated in core i5 2540m CPU and no other graphics subsystems. FreebsdFreeBSD-10.0 RELEASE. I've followed handbook to have a display manager and installed a pre-compiled version of xorg (through pkg install xorg) and tried startx for auto-configuration...