make config

  1. Angelo Klin

    Bare minimum build of LLVM

    Hello All, I use iRedMail to run a personal domain. iRedMail on FreeBSD compiles all the necessary packages from Ports. LLVM is a dependency for Postgres, amongst others. The full installation of LLVM is not required in the context above. Things like cross-compile, debugger are not used...
  2. cederom

    12.0-RELEASE -> 13.0-CURRENT breaks make config

    Hello world :-) I have switched from 12.0-RELEASE to 13.0-CURRENT. Replaced kernel and base. Now I want to recompile all ports with poudriere.. 1. Make config on all ports shows some core dump thus defaulting all my configs. How can I fix that? How can I switch debug / verbose on 'make config'...
  3. Allan

    Automating FreeBSD Install, setting ports configure options recursively

    I am attempting to write a script that will automatically install ports that I commonly use. I can override the options set in the in the Makefile by using OPTIONS_SET=SOMEVARIABLE. So for instance, if I want to configure portmaster to not support ZSH, I would use the command make...
  4. poorandunlucky

    What are DTrace Probes, and do I need them?

    I see DTrace Probes offered as a compile-time option/flag on many ports, and it's selected by default on the very vast majority of the ports for which it's available... As far as I can understand, though, DTrace Probes is just a debugging facility... I never programmed enough to really get...