C A little help from my friend IDE, a small project management tool

Based on prior posts/discussions on the best IDE and the need to compile C language, I am adding a script - lets call it a minimal IDE. However, this little IDE is showing a bit of Project Management.

The script .sh/text, is made out of two files - some 300 lines of code, a reason why will not be posted but uploaded as files. The setup.sh will do nothing to your computer since it is in simulating mode. Therefore, is noninvasive.

The second script ahr_ide.sh it will work only if you run the setup.sh in "real" mode.

Once you feel comfortable with the simulation mode you can change the first variable value to real and there you go you can compile or execute C language code.

PRJ_sim="simulation"; # replace with real/simulation

References to prior discussions and influence:

:) let me know if you can call VIM/Emacs with this code - I used ee and works.

Note: the code runs and was tested on two machines, unfortunately both had some ports installed. I usually like to run .sh code on a fresh install of FreeBSD without any ports/software installed.

Version: FreeBSD 10.2


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And forgot to mention that ahr_ide.sh (file name) will be changed by setup to the project's name -- easy to call a project by name (sh).

1. Unzip the mini_ide.zip
2. Place the two file in a location (a folder of your choice)
3. You only have to chmod +x setup.sh

Run setup with ./setup.sh or sh /path/setup.sh

Out of standards, for others that want to exercise, lookup PRJ_compile () { function in ahr_ide.sh and change the make target to a CC call -- (sh) will run the compiler without the need of make.