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  1. C

    Securelevel utility turned Intrusion detection tool set

    Heads up: So, this turned out to be very long. Longer than I anticipated before I started writing. Also, I'm not completely certain whether this shouldn't have gone into user space programing. Since it's still very much tied into base, I'll leave it here for the moment and ask the moderators to...
  2. clawhammer

    Solved how can I use cc -o on two files?

    I have two files from a book I'm trying to compile. One is the main file usehotel.c. The second is the function definitions for a header file, hotel.c. I've tried the -o option different ways and I can't get it to work. I don't want the file names to change to a.out after compilation. I've...
  3. Rand0m

    C Upgrading Base Clang

    Hi there, I wonder how I can upgrade the Clang/llvm that is ported with FreeBSD. I know i can get the newest version from ports but how can I make the ports version the default clang for the system. Thanks :)
  4. A

    C A little help from my friend IDE, a small project management tool

    Based on prior posts/discussions on the best IDE and the need to compile C language, I am adding a script - lets call it a minimal IDE. However, this little IDE is showing a bit of Project Management. The script .sh/text, is made out of two files - some 300 lines of code, a reason why will not...