bourne shell scripting

  1. NapoleonWils0n

    Shell peer review for ffmpeg shell scripts

    I have written some ffmpeg shell scripts to process audio and video, and perform some tasks you would normally need to use a video editor for. If anyone has a free moment for some peer review or feedback that would be great, i have already used shellcheck on all the scripts but if anyone can...
  2. csptra

    read grep pattern from variable

    Hello, I'm sure this is easy, but trying to figure this out: I see a similar example here: but can't get it to work: but I have a basic code structure like this: #!/bin/sh pattern="hello|help" while...
  3. A

    C A little help from my friend IDE, a small project management tool

    Based on prior posts/discussions on the best IDE and the need to compile C language, I am adding a script - lets call it a minimal IDE. However, this little IDE is showing a bit of Project Management. The script .sh/text, is made out of two files - some 300 lines of code, a reason why will not...