A curiosity question

anomie said:
Hard to say. I might have lost interest in computing and looked for a career change.

It's nothing short of amazing how much one can learn (e.g. about service management, networking, encryption, et al.) with a well-designed FOSS OS.

So I guess the next question is what would you be if you're not working in IT industry due to the non existence of BSD.
Well, I don't want to hijack the nice gentleman's thread, but I'd probably either 1) work in a decent ROI medical profession (nursing or radiology); or 2) get sucked into the family business back home.

Back on point: I was discouraged early on by what a broken mess GNU/Linux was (a certain couple distributions in particular, which I won't mention here). Somehow I got turned onto the idea of FreeBSD, and my interest was completely revitalized. Understanding FreeBSD helped me understand Linux, which led to an interest in other related areas in computing.

If FreeBSD did not exist, I suspect I may have just said "%$@# it" and moved on. (The rest of the learning chain never would have been completed.)

Linux -


Haven't ever really had a problem with those.

Windows 7

If I could afford it:

SGI anything
Sun boxes
IBM Blue Gene /L

I wouldn't use Minix if it was free.... Oh wait. Ah well.