1. ProphetOfDoom


    View: Hi, In this video the creator of Minix describes how, late into Minix’s development, the computer kept triggering interrupt 15 for no obvious reason. After trying everything else to debug the problem, the professor was forced to write an x86 emulator (no small...
  2. doughy

    install of minix failing (iso9660)

    I'm trying to install minix and I'm getting an error that cd9660.kmod module won't load. I tried burning a couple other OSs (OpenBSD, and FreeBSD) with the same burning software (active ISO). None of these will boot but when I try to boot an old burn of an OS, one that I believe I burned with...
  3. S

    NetBSD-based system using MINIX3 microkernel announced by Andy Tanenbaum

    When most were thinking MINIX and its microkernel had never and were still nowhere going, due to all the reasons many would argue about, today I went for the first time ever to the Distrowatch's week news appendix: - and fate wanted me to...
  4. T

    Minix installation hanging

    I am trying to install FreeBSD 11 on a Minix NEO Z83-4 which comes with pre-installed with Windows 10. I created a USB drive from the 11 img and booted from it. The initial text menu came up can then the after spewing some text it hangs. I tried...
  5. J

    openJDK to MINIX

    Hi all, I'm sorry this maybe isn't the right forum for this question, but MINIX is also based on Unix so I believe there is someone who can help me. So the question is this: I need to port java to minix (required functionality is just running .class files, no compiler is necessary) I...
  6. prp-e

    Compile FreeBSD on other Build Environment

    Hi All. Can I compile FreeBSD sources on other build environments like Linux or other BSD(s)? (We can compile Minix, Haiku, ReactOS, and many other Open Source OSs from source on other build environment). Regards.
  7. R

    minix and plan9 in freebsd

    Hello, Is there a way I can have a minix kernel and plan 9 software on my FreeBSD 8 box ? Regards, roelof
  8. R

    installation problem with bootloader

    Hello, I have two disks, one of 80G with Win7, and one of 60G with at this moment Opensuse and Minix. Now I want to switch from Opensuse to FreeBSD. On the first disk Opensuse installed grub. What is the best way to tell the installer what bootloader I need, so all three will start? Roelof.
  9. sk8harddiefast

    A curiosity question

    If bsd was not exist and you didn't like linux witch os you would install? I was using one of this 3 Solaris Opensolaris Minix Nexenta (based on solaris) Maybe haiku (but is not giving me the opinion of a unix os and also not recommended as primary os!) I am asking just because i am curious.
  10. darkshadow


    look how rude person can be ,,,, if I talk to prof , I would be more polite I love andrew I found his book full of useful information especially computer network ,,, :)
  11. D

    how to install minix3

    My system is freebsd7. And I want to install minix3... how to install and boot it?hava a double boot?x(