1. H

    FreeBSD vs. Illumos

    Hello, What are the advantages and disadvantages of FreeBSD compared to Illumos? Thank you.
  2. priyadarshan

    Feasibility of using UID > 65535

    Hello, I need to port a legacy application from Solaris to FreeBSD, heavily dependant on large UIDs. In Solaris, UID can be up to 2147483647. In regards to User ID, the Handbook states: How likely is the cited "compatibility issues with some software" aspect? Can somebody offer some...
  3. S

    ZFS I do need help to restore data from broken zfs zpool

    HI, my 3 disk raidz was lost during a system reboot happend a few days ago. Since then I cant import the zpool and even zdb -e <pool> runs into a kernel Oops. A simple zpool import shows the pool and no error. so should be importable but isnt. How can I get the pool at least imported for...
  4. vermaden

    Oracle just killed Solaris/SPARC/ZFS teams ...

    Oracle, just layed off about 2500 people from Solaris, Storage (ZS1/ZFS), SPARC and Library teams, earlier this year 450 people has been layed off. At December 2016 information about Solaris 12.0 being canceled: The Layoff: Solaris being canned, at least 50% of teams to be...
  5. M

    How to read Solaris core dump?

    Hi, I'm using FreeBSD 10-stable on my work laptop. Today I've received java core dump file from Solaris: $ file -b core ELF 32-bit MSB core file SPARC, version 1 (SYSV), SVR4-style, from '/usr/jdk/jdk1.5.0_12/bin/java -cp ... Is there any way to fetch more information from this Solaris core...
  6. sk8harddiefast

    Solaris & ports

    Just a curiosity question. Is any way to install ports on Solaris?
  7. V

    OpenSolaris/Xen Migration To FreeBSD

    Yet another victim of corporatism graced by the most profitable software company in the world, the OpenSolaris operating environment will likely recede as the community-driven OpenSolaris Governing Board will elect to terminate itself August 23 following a cleverly poised scheme during the Sun...
  8. sk8harddiefast

    A curiosity question

    If bsd was not exist and you didn't like linux witch os you would install? I was using one of this 3 Solaris Opensolaris Minix Nexenta (based on solaris) Maybe haiku (but is not giving me the opinion of a unix os and also not recommended as primary os!) I am asking just because i am curious.
  9. ikbendeman

    How do you feel about OpenSolaris?

    I'm interested to know what other FreeBSD users think and feel about OpenSolaris, it's infrastructure, software support, anything? I like it, though its a bit immature on the software side and I hate its devfs implementation. Oh, and how do you guys feel about its community?