1. D

    ZFS Replacing entire pool?

    I would like to replace all 3 spinning drives of a raidz pool with (smaller) SSDs: the smaller SSDs will still be more than adequate for my storage needs, and should be significantly faster. The system has a limited number of SATA ports (4): 1 is in use for the system drive (which is already an...
  2. acarteas

    Solved Recovering bad loader.conf

    Greetings, I was reading a tutorial (now lost) that suggested adding a vesa="YES" directive to my loader.conf for one reason or another. Apparently, this was no good as the bad setting is preventing me from successfully booting into FreeBSD. What I would like to do is to use the LiveCD to...
  3. pming

    Solved Directory owner can not access directory

    So the last few days I had lots of trouble trying to set up my host as a domain member with samba4, eventually I gave up and tried to run it as a standalone server. But even then, I would get "Permission denied" or "Access denied" both on my MacBook and Windows 10 PC. I have set up a ZFS...
  4. pming

    Solved System seems to freeze when storage pool is accessed

    Hello everybody I am currently building my first physical FreeBSD box which should soon replace my Synology NAS. I have put together all the pieces and was able to install FreeBSD just fine, but I have had some issues ever since I created the main storage pool where all the files are supposed...
  5. V

    ZFS Help! Permanent errors due to a single file. But when I remove that file, it goes down

    Here is my zpool status: [root@suennas ~]# zpool status -v pool: NewVol state...
  6. S

    ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable

    Followed this tutorial on my machine with four disk. shows following error File /boot/loader not found
  7. C

    GPT Rejected - how to wipe for ZFS?

    I'm setting up a RAIDZ2 pool on a NAS I've built and I have one disk throwing the "GPT Invalid or corrupt" error. As I understand it, I can use ZFS on raw disks without partitioning and would prefer, if possible, to just remove the partition table on this disk (or all of my disks, for that...
  8. H

    ZFS Recover data from zroot pool

    Dear Members, I hope someone can help me with that. One of our servers ran out of disk space (yeah, booooh!), it was set up with zfs, one single disk (2TB). It ist part of a 5 node cluster cloud storage. By trying to expand the storage with a new disk, I screwed up the zpool boot loader and...
  9. big_girl

    Solved Can errors be scrubbed later from a zfs mirror with one disk?

    Hello, I was reading this post for fun - https://blogs.oracle.com/mmusante/entry/howto_replace_a_bad_disk ...and it made me curious to know if one has a simple two-disk zfs mirror set up, and: 1) one disk fails or is removed 2) while running on the one-disk degraded mirror, data errors get...