ZFS zpool on SSD Pros & Cons

Hello all,

Finding myself at a crossroad.
Need to transfer my home files to a new zpool with bigger drives but not sure if I should get smaller but more cost-effective HDD and wait for SSD prices to drop in the next 5 years or so, OR should I get bigger and costlier HDD for future-proofing.
Don't really need the SSD speed since I have mostly typical home PC files such as music, videos, and photos in a single PC non-NAS environment. I do enjoy the quiet nature of SSD but not willing to shell out more cash for that alone.
Are there any big advantages or disadvantages to SSD zpools that I should consider for my home PC?
Advantages of SSD? Speed, speed and speed. Also lower vibration, less noice, less power consumption (sometimes). But their big advantage is speed for random workloads and read-intensive workloads.

Advantages of hard disk? Cost, capacity, and speed. And reliability. Most people will think that I'm crazy to claim that hard disks are reliable, but in terms of failure rates for good quality spinning disks, their data loss rate (per byte) is actually very good, and they can handle more writes. And people will think that I'm crazy to say that they have a speed advantage, but if you measure speed as bandwidth per $ for writes, they are actually pretty good.

For a single-user desktop machine, is a SSD necessary? Not really. Although having one for booting and OS files makes the machine feel much snappier.
The failure modes of SSDs are not so nice compared to HDDs - the SSDs work fine, and then they just die. Totally. Most HDDs die in a much nicer way with bad sectors so degrades in a more predictable way. For an OS/boot disk (especially in a laptop that moves around) an SSD is a good choice (makes the response time in the machine better and you can always reinstall it if it dies). For large data sets, or data you want to keep for longer term, or data that gets written to a a lot then multiple HDDs in a RAIDZ2 setup (or mirror) is probably the way to go... And cheaper.
For a laptop/netbook,SSD (and more if you work with that) and also for desktop
and for a PC both....
one(or 2 mirrored ZFS) with small size,128GB for ex,only for the system.
and one or 2 big HDD disks for storage the data
most important of all is make a regular backup of the content of SSD disk...like peter says, one day..just die
but the speed improvement on SSD are to good,faster response on desktop,faster boot,etc
Based on all your input I have decided to go with bigger HDDs for my RAID I just hope they're not too loud in idle, don't mind noise during read/writes. If they are too loud I'll just keep one for the time being and wait for SSDs to get closer to $/byte.