1. iyoti

    ZFS How should I configure a spare SSD alongside a raidz2 pool for downloads?

    I've noticed that having torrented files (OS images, etc) download directly to the storage zpool can really slow down reads from the pool. Pausing the download software during sustained read events temporarily resolves the issue, but isn't really something I can do regularly. I have a spare SSD...
  2. iyoti

    Solved ZFS: Trying to replace faulted drive with new, getting "cannot zero first 4096 bytes"

    Hey everyone I have a zpool in raidz2 configuration. One of the drives faulted, so I took it offline and replaced the drive in the space. Now I'm trying to zpool replace {poolname} /dev/ada0 and I'm getting cannot zero first 4096 bytes of '/dev/ada0': Input/output error. Taking a look at...
  3. F

    ZFS zpool import causes: page fault while in kernel mode

    Due to unknown to me reasons I'm having issues while importing a zpool (RAID 0, two disks). Whenever I issue the command the system crashes and reboots showing this error: The only way I can successfully import the zpool (but don't know how to access the data in it) is when I connect the...
  4. R

    ZFS exclude zfs pool from boot

    man for gptzfsbool says "The first pool seen during probing is used as a default boot pool." Is there any way to boot from another pool?
  5. R

    ZFS 2x3tb as one raidz member

    Hello) Now i have raidz1 of 4x3tb disks. I want to upgrade it to raidz2 6x6tb disks. 3tb disks are good and functional, and i want to use them in new array. Is there a way to make 2x3tb disks to be 6tb member of raidz2? man says: Virtual devices cannot be nested, so a mirror or raidz virtual...
  6. Nyantastic

    Solved Zpool REMOVED status

    One of two hard discs (ada1) in a zpool mirror started to fail today, so I used a spare disc to try to replace the disk. I used gpart to create partitions of identical sizes and a boot section to the ok disc (ada0) and successfully got it in with zpool attach. In the midst of the resilvering...
  7. JozanOfAstora

    Solved ZFS not loading pool in multi-user

    Hi, after reboot I was surprised with a "no pools available to import" error during boottime, leaving my system stuck with a failed /etc/rc script. I have only one zpool, geli encrypted, pretty much the defaults zfs settings on install. The problem does not exist in single-user mode and I am...
  8. A

    ZFS How to fix deleted freebsd (from debian gparted) partition causing entire drive to be a single zfs partition

    I had microsoft windows 10, debian and freebsd installed on a single partition in my laptop. I only recently started using freebsd. I used this guide here to help me...
  9. K

    ZFS ZFS basic questions

    Hi Everyone, I've started to use ZFS instead of the venerable UFS and would like to clarify some points about vdevs and zpools. My understanding is that the primary purpose of vdevs is to allow the combination of several disks to be used as a single virtual disk, and the primary purpose of...
  10. C

    ZFS ZFS Boot Issue

    I have a FreeBSD production system with 12 3TB SATA drives in a a JBoD triple-parity ZFS configuration spanning around 30TB. This was working well for months, through numerous reboots, however after a power outage Friday it's been unable to boot, giving 3 or more (it varies) `zio_read error...
  11. D

    ZFS Moving data from OLD zpool to NEW zpool on the same PC.

    My old zpool raidz1 was maxing out and one of the hard drives was starting to go bad. I created the new zpool using new and bigger drives and now I need to transfer the files from old zpool to new zpool. Can I simply copy and paste or mv/cp the files over or do I need to use export/import? Both...
  12. K

    ZFS Hard Drive Died, ZFS partitions need to be restored

    Hello and thanks in advance! I have local home FreeNAS server with ZFS pools on and a couple of 4Tb hard drives connected. Didn't use mirroring, shame on me. One of the drives partially died. I mean, gpart gives me partitions, but I get IO error when try to mount it. So now I have an image of...
  13. G

    ZFS The best way to move zpool to other disks

    Hi, I need to move zpool to faster SSD disks. I'm new to ZFS so I may be wrong but I assume that the best way to do this is to create zpool on new disks again and then send 'zroot' over 'zfs send' command. Am I right? My zpool status output: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM...
  14. Hastur

    ZFS How do I make sure usb external disks added without raid to zpool are properly seen by the system?

    Last time I tried this, I had trouble where the box would not boot. I think the device id of the usb external disks changes on reboot. I wonder if this is solved by plugging all the external drives in and rebooting before I add anything. Should there be a way that ZFS just knows which drive is...
  15. D

    ZFS zpool on SSD Pros & Cons

    Hello all, Finding myself at a crossroad. Need to transfer my home files to a new zpool with bigger drives but not sure if I should get smaller but more cost-effective HDD and wait for SSD prices to drop in the next 5 years or so, OR should I get bigger and costlier HDD for future-proofing...
  16. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved importing zfs dataset from an external drive to new machine

    Hi I have just installed Freebsd on my old Macmini and want to transfer zfs datasets from a usb drive to the macmini I just need to copy across some data and set up a few config files to get macmini set up, so i can finally ditch osx and go full freebsd on all my machines Is it possible to do...
  17. quakerdoomer

    Mounting an encrypted zfs GELI partition - zpool?

    Using a live media, I have taken a dd image of my main encrypted zfs GELI FreeBSD partition (not the entire disk) and of the encrypted key file as well. The dd image and the encrypted file are on an external disk now. Now I started FreeBSD normally, I did mdconfig and did a geli attach of the dd...
  18. S

    ZFS zpool, replace two device with one

    I have real zpool with files, but want to test firstly. I created simple zpool with files: # zpool status -v pool: ztst state: ONLINE scan: resilvered 19.5K in 0h0m with 0 errors on Thu Mar 14 14:44:20 2019 config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM ztst...
  19. I

    ZFS How to get Latency and IOPS in a Zvol?

    Hi All, do it is possible that i find Latency and IOPS from zpool iostat -vl output for a zvol? very thanks for your helps. The best Regard,
  20. v.okaevich

    ZFS How to get access to a file system tree on the second disk with ZFS?

    Hi, everyone! There is two hard drive on the system % uname -a FreeBSD desktop.freebsd.lan 12.0-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p2 r343203 OptiPlex amd64 Description of the connected disks: KINGSTON - SSD disk with newly installed FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p2 WD - old SATA disk with FreeBSD 11.2...