zfs and jails

  1. DtxdF

    Using ZFS inside a jail

    I have created a HowTo about using ZFS inside a jail with AppJail: https://github.com/DtxdF/AppJail/wiki/zfs
  2. byrnejb

    jails py39-iocage-1.2_10 export returns non-zero status

    When I attempt to export a stopped iocage managed jail I am getting this error: # iocage export mx132& [1] 80640 [root@vhost03 ~ (master)]# Exporting dataset: zroot/iocage/jails/mx132 Exporting dataset: zroot/iocage/jails/mx132/root warning: cannot send...
  3. A

    jails Issues starting my jail. Unexpected EOF

    Hello fellow daemons! Today I started making my first jail, but I got face to face with a problem. When I started my jail with "doas service jail start jail (the name of my jail)" it returned me an unexpected EOF: Starting jails: cannot start jail "jail": jail: /etc/jail.conf: unexpected EOF ...
  4. keldonin

    jails files and directories invisible from jail

    Hello, I'm encountering an issue that I can't explain, so looking for SME advice here :) I run a linux (debian) inside a jail. I'm using iocage for jail management. deboostrap was used to deploy the guest system. Everything seems to work well except that many files from /etc directory are not...
  5. M

    ZFS Root on ZFS and backups.

    Hi all, If I have a root on ZFS pool, it is my understanding that if I zfs send the ZFS pool to some location, then the entire pool is backed up to that location, but that backup cannot be restored to root with zfs recv. If I have a system that has only four drives and I wish to aggregate these...
  6. nbari

    Solved host and jail version are the same but differ from pkg OSVERSION

    The output of uname -K in both host and jail is the same, currently 1202505, but when I run pkg -vv | grep OSVERSION inside the jail I get a different version: OSVERSION = 1201512; Any idea of what I could be missing within the pkg within the jail is returning a different version? When trying...
  7. T

    ZFS poudriere jail - not mounting filesystem

    I have a minor problem with my jail configuration for poudriere builder. Everything works, except poudriere jail dataset is not getting mounted on jail start filesystems hierarchy is : fbsd/usr/jails/JAIL_NAME for jails root / fbsd/pdr/w0 poudriere jail filesystem. zfs set jailed=on fbsd/pdr/w0...
  8. T

    vbox Freebsd Virtualbox Host and Jails

    I'm running Virtualbox 5.2.44_3 on FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE and everything is working fine until I create a jail and use vnets for the networking on the jails. I'm using iocage for jail management. I've followed the handbook for setting up a bridged interface for jails and my bridge interface...
  9. S

    ZFS Python3.7 not showing up in zfs diff

    As part of creating a jail, I'm using zfs diff to generate a tarball of the files that have changed between a snapshot of a FreeBSD-12.1 base image and a filesystem with python3.7 installed. When I do a zfs diff between the snapshot and the filesystem, everything for python3.7 is in the diff...
  10. andrewm659

    install 3rd part packages inside jail

    Hello, I am using ezjail on my FreeBSD 12.x setup. I am trying to install a package from the web and getting the following error: root@smokeping:~ # pkg add "https://bintray.com/ookla/download/download_file?file_path=ookla-speedtest-1.0.0-freebsd.pkg" [smokeping] Fetching...
  11. Lamia

    Solved Mounting ZFS filesystem (44/53)

    It's taking forever to mount and for the system to come online. Last time it happened, the hard disk was more or less full. I am not sure it is again out of space, Poudrière had now run in days. I run Poudrière (in a jail) on it and do zfs snapshot & destroy everyday. Chromium took over 44hrs...
  12. B

    Potential bug with using numeric Jail names in /etc/jail.conf

    Hi All, I didn't know where to post this because I could not find a specific jail forum so figured I would post it here as a base system general thread :) Am no expert so really after some opinions from experienced users and anyone who has seen this happen. It would be great to know if this is...
  13. mod3777

    Unprivileged jails

    Linux has Unprivileged containers, through which a user can manage containers if admin allows him via a special config file, faking some parts with user subuids and subgids, and others, like create devices, etc… are "bypassed" during the installation process of "tweaked" templates of lxchub (or...
  14. pming

    Jail lost all packages

    Hello everyone I recently set up Nextcloud in a jail using apache24, mariadb101 and php70 on FreeBSD 10.3. After rebooting my server the jail will not come up correctly. It won't mount datasets and all the packages I installed and their configuration seems gone. pkg info only returns pkg. I...