vbox Freebsd Virtualbox Host and Jails

I'm running Virtualbox 5.2.44_3 on FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE and everything is working fine until I create a jail and use vnets for the networking on the jails. I'm using iocage for jail management.

I've followed the handbook for setting up a bridged interface for jails and my bridge interface has my IP address for the host per the handbook.

I'm seeing the same behavior posted here: https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/virtualbox-bridged-network-with-freebsd-bridge.44617/

Is this post from 2014 still the proper way to solve this issue?

If your FreeBSD host is a VirtualBox VM and you have created the jails on that VM, please check the promiscuous mode setting for the VM's network adapter. By default, it denies destination MAC addresses other than VM's.

Sorry for the confusion. I'm running freebsd on bare metal. the virtualbox instance is running on top of freebsd.

If i'm not running jails or the bridged interface for jails. virtualbox runs no problem. its when i have jails running with vnets that i'm seeing the problems described in that post.
Curious if anyone else is doing this? I'm kind of at a loss for what the right way is to run jails and virtualbox at the same time.