wine emulator

  1. kavex

    Suyimazu/wine-proton always crashes at launch of program

    Hello everyone! I am trying to get steam running by using Suyimazu. Steam on Linuxulator is running, but its wine-proton does not seem to work too well, so I wanted to focus on the wine-proton part for now, which is why I choose this path. Steam installs fine, but if I try to run it using...
  2. BSD-Kitsune

    i386-wine on AMD64 - problems with 32-bit games

    I'm having an issue with playing any 32-bit games on Wine on AMD64. I installed the port emulators/i386-wine-devel and all non-game applications run fine. However, trying to run anything that requires DirectX such as a game causes it to spit out this: $ wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Touhou\...
  3. mikeTV

    Wine + amd64 ...not going great

    I'm running a third party wine package for the 10.0 amd64 version of FreeBSD, packaged by David Naylor. It says it it for FreeBSD 10, but released in 2012... odd. So far I haven't had much luck with it, including programs; splashtop, and teamviewer, but some windows programs have run ok. Should...
  4. S

    WINE has no internet connection..

    Hi! This may be an inappropriate place for this question, so mods please move it if need be. I am a gamer, and I just lost my 500 GB HDD , and had to revert to FreeBSD (and I'm glad it happened. I love my little Daemon!). Anyway, I got Dead Space to work, as well as a few other games, but...
  5. kkaos

    Wine not detecting CDROM

    First, I'm using FreeBSD 9.1 on a 32-bit machine (i386) and wine-1.4.1_2,1. I've been able to install two Windows games from CDROM using Wine; however, both games still require access to the CDROM during play, and Wine is unable to detect the CDROM. Using winecfg, I've mapped "D:" to...
  6. F

    Wine Performance

    I have been trying to run some of my Windows games like EVE Online and Half Life 2 with Wine. Unfortunately, the performance is poor. Games that render in OpenGL run smoothly. However, games written to use Direct3D are drastically slower. Wine in Linux performs as much as two times faster. I...
  7. K

    Wine and video games

    So I've installed (via wine) Sim City by mounting my ISO's and pointing winecfg to both mount points as CD-ROM's; now when I run the game with the CD's loaded it's telling me that it cannot find the game CD. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  8. M

    Advice on WINE

    Greetings all, I have recently made the following post in another forum (edited): As you can see, I have ruled out FreeBSD for lack of flash. But, today I had an epiphany; since I do need to run WINE, why not run a web-browser under WINE also? So my questions are: 1. Will MS Office work...
  9. I

    wine port is completely broken since Mar,13

    The wine port is marked as IGNORE, "Mark this IGNORE, since I missed a big regression this update brought." What is going on out there? I filed a PR for this broken port ("the port does not compile") and it was just closed by that committer. Why not just roll back to the latest stable version...