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  1. M

    Other Wayfire vs Hyprland anyone?

    With a nice Wayfire Tutorial here in the forum, I was wondering if anyone has gathered any similar experience with Hyprland on FreeBSD already? x11-wm/hyprland and supplementary ports have been added at the end of last year and are kept up-to-date, but I could not really find any info /...
  2. sidetone

    Other Screenshots of BSD Window Managers for X11 (nonviral licenses)

    Thread for screenshots of BSD style window managers for X11. Common ones are listed below, organized by type. Floating; Mouse x11-wm/blackbox - C++, developed on FreeBSD x11-wm/enlightenment; x11-wm/e16 - C, EFL x11-wm/fluxbox - C++, previous fork of blackbox x11-wm/jwm - C, Xlib - uses XML...
  3. M

    Other Anyone using hikari and what's your experience & settings?

    I'm curious because it's a pretty unique combination with Wayland on FreeBSD. I've taken a look from time to time but never tried it myself (and I have to admit that I'm not even running FreeBSD yet, because I wanted to wait for "13" to give it a first spin on my new laptop). For me the...
  4. JazzSinatra

    Desktop Window Manager (Win10) vs KDE/GNOME

    Has anyone done performance comparison between Windows' window manager (Desktop Window Manager) and KDE and/or GNOME? With performance, I mean resource usage (RAM, CPU etc.). I would like to know how well Microsoft can compete with the open source community on this area.
  5. sidetone

    Other BSD Window Managers; List

    Partial list of BSD style wm's: ........................ Lightest: x11-wm/antiwm - C - fullscreen x11-wm/bspwm - tiling x11-wm/cwm - C - floating x11-wm/ctwm - twm variant x11-wm/dwm - C - requires C compiling to configure x11-wm/tinywm x11-wm/twm - C Xlib - reparenting...
  6. amiramix

    Solved How to change system font?

    How and where can I change the default system font? For now it appears to be DejaVu 10, which is quite horrible on my laptop. By default system font I mean the font that is used in menus or labels. For example when I open Firefox for the first time or any KDE application for the first time...
  7. M

    Other awesome wm & conky-awesome issue

    All, I am using awesome since ~ 6 months - excellent. However, trying to use conky-awesome gives me following errors: ..."no such configuration: 'alignment'..." is simply ignored. CPU usage for example is shown correctly, but in the main screen and not in the designed bottom panel on awesome...
  8. sidetone

    Solved xdm: make xconsole go away after log-in

    How would I make x11/xconsole go away automatically after XDM logs into the window manager?
  9. F

    Enlightenment Failing to start Enlightenment

    Afternoon all, I’ve recently installed FreeBSD-CURRENT (r287930) onto my ThinkPad T440, I’ve used CURRENT as it supports my Intel ac 7260 wireless card. I have installed SLiM as my login manager, and that seems to be working OK. After playing with GNOME3 and Xfce I wanted to try out...
  10. Andreas Tieben

    MATE Mate Netspeed-Applet for FreeBSD-HowTo!

    Mate (Mate-Desktop) Netspeed-Applet for FreeBSD-HowTo: Download (and unpack!) the Applet from GitHub: As ROOT: If NOT already installed! # pkg install yelp-tools # pkg install itstool # cd /home/YOURHOME/Desktop/mate-netspeed-master # ./