1. NapoleonWils0n

    user-dirs.dirs and Chromium uppercase Downloads directory

    Running Wayfire on Wayland i noticed Chromium wouldn't let me select a downloads directory in the settings, the file picker opens and i can select a directory but the select button in the file picker didn't work edit: the reason i couldn't select the directory with the file picker is because i...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    Freebsd 14 Wayland and Wayfire using Nvidia on Dell XPS 15

    Freebsd 14 Wayland running the Wayfire compositor on a Dell XPS 15 2019 using a Nvidia graphics card All the hardware works but you need to use wifibox for the wifi drivers, and nvidia on freebsd doesnt yet support nvenc and cuda the packages needed are nvidia-driver nvidia-settings...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    Freebsd 14 Wayland Desktop with Wayfire on a MacBook Air

    Inspired by pure wayland desktop example i installed Freebsd on my old 2011 Macbook Air as a pure Wayland desktop with Wayfire in the video below i cover setting up wayland and wayfire with dbus for desktop notification with emacs ednc, zfs home datasets, beadm boot enviornments, ext2fs kernel...
  4. S

    Failed to Install Wayland Wayfire on VMWare (Win11)

    Hello everyone, Following the FreeBSD Handbook, I tried to install Wayland Wayfire on FreeBSD 13.2, acting as a guest on VMWare, Windows 11. I did not succeed. I am not yet erudite enough to understand the error messages returned to me. I made 2 screenshots of the error messages: 01.png and...
  5. S

    Other /home/<user>/.config folder not found

    Good Morning All, I am trying to install wayfire in my system, I have followed the below guide, but when coming to the section 6.2 The Wayfire compositor, there is a step to create the folder wayfire under ~/.config/wayfire which is supposed to be under /home/<user>/.config, but when I am...
  6. freebsd_user

    Solved [Wayland] Unable to open lockfile...

    It's probably silly but I couldn't figure out what to do. I am still pretty new to this. When I am trying start Wayfire, I am getting, II 20-10-23 18:04:31.425 - [Wayland] unable to open lockfile /var/run/user/1001/wayland-xx.lock check permissions
  7. M

    Other Wayfire vs Hyprland anyone?

    With a nice Wayfire Tutorial here in the forum, I was wondering if anyone has gathered any similar experience with Hyprland on FreeBSD already? x11-wm/hyprland and supplementary ports have been added at the end of last year and are kept up-to-date, but I could not really find any info /...
  8. elgrande

    Example/Tutorial: Pure Wayland Desktop

    [Mod: Discussion/suggestions/requests are moved here: example-tutorial-pure-wayland-desktop-discussion.85994] Hello, I was fiddling around quite a bit, to get a completely native Wayland desktop on FreeBSD (without using xwayland, only using programs that are capable to run natively under...
  9. Alain De Vos

    wayfire minimize button

    Is it possible to have minimize buttons in the decoration of windows using wayfire (wayland) ? [ PS: Totally unrelated. I found something cool. Starting sway and launching wf-panel.]