1. D

    SRV records with NSD and Unbound

    Hi All, I am trying to create SRV records in the NSD zonefile for network services. Is this possible with NSD and Unbound running on FreeBSD 11.2? The format I am using looks like this: ;SRV Records _cisco._tcp IN SRV 10 10 5060 cpub.example.com. _login._tcp...
  2. J

    PF redirection from a port to another

    Hi there, I'm too new to BSD and pf so I can't accomplish the following task and receiving generic "syntax error", maybe because of tables or macros. Here's the scenario: a server in DMZ with unbound (serving as resolver to other machines in DMZ) and NSD (authoritative for an Internet domain)...
  3. W

    Tls to unbound possible?

    Hi guys, i am wondering if i can setup my unbound to serve as dns over tls. It will serve as full recursive mode. The reason why i wanna do that so i can use unbound outside my local network, eg: on the road mobile. I am aware that i can setup unbound to forward queries to 3rd party dns server...
  4. NapoleonWils0n

    unbound external nameserver

    Hi All I have unbound running on my laptop. When I booted up today I couldn't resolve any hosts. Finally figured out it was the resolv.conf. I had to uncomment the external google nameserver to resolve any hosts. So my resolv.conf now looks like this # Generated by resolvconf search...
  5. Q

    syslog.conf selection by ident

    I have not found anywhere in the docs how to make selections from syslog by ident. I use chrooted Unbound and I've configured it to write its log to syslog. I've found in syslog.conf an example how to select records from syslog by program name: !unbound *.* /var/log/unbound.log !* But...
  6. goshanecr

    unbound "sendto failed: No buffer space available"

    Good day! I have a FreeBSD 11.1 amd64 box as router for about 300 users. On that server works unbound (from system, not ports) as resolver for network. And in /var/log/messages I such messages: Jan 30 11:29:10 MAIN-GATE unbound: [59552:2] notice: sendto failed: No buffer space available Jan 30...
  7. cvb

    local_unbound and trust-anchor-signaling option (RFC8145)

    Hello, Very important change was in the package 'unbound' of the world DNSSEC. The changing or "rolling" of the KSK Key was originally scheduled to occur on 11 October, but it is being delayed because some recently obtained data shows that a significant number of resolvers used by Internet...
  8. DemoNIck

    propper routing and gateway configuration between 2 lan IPs

    There is a network topology which cannot be changed/altered as following: [FILESERVER]--->|======| [LANPC1]--------192.168.254.x---->| SWITCH |<--[MODEM]--->INTERNET [LANPC2]--------192.168.254.x---->|======| The FILESERVER (FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE) is running...
  9. J

    Solved This file was generated by local-unbound-setup

    Hello, I run a server who was automatically set up by OVH. The /etc/rc.conf contains the line local_unbound_enable="YES" There is no unbound_enable="YES" in the /etc/rc.conf, and the unbound service is not running. (Edit: Well, actually, I don't know. # service unbound status Cannot...
  10. Russell Rinaldi

    Howto Raspberry pi 3 dnscrypt-proxy, unbound Caching DNS and DHCP Server

    This how-to assumes that you are a somewhat experienced FreeBSD user, and understand how to use dd carefully to avoid data loss. It also assumes that you are able to restore your system to a working configuration if anything goes wrong. Because this set up utilizes RaspBSD.org's...
  11. Rhadamanthys

    Solved block youtube unbound

    Searching this forum I've seen a number of ways to block youtube using ubound DNS. Problem is, it seems the methods are outdated. When I try the "local-zone "something" static" thing, I receive a syntax error upon trying restart the service. I'm on FreeBSD 11 and using dns/unbound. Can someone...
  12. U

    Unbound intermittently slow with @localhost

    I'm just setting up an unbound server as a local resolver for our network. I'm not really seeing any actual issues but when running lookups from localhost, it's a bit disconcerting that the lookup sometimes hangs for over 10 seconds before finally returning a response. Even with the delay, the...
  13. Morris Minor

    Unbound - not listening on configured IP address

    I have a vanilla 10.3 installation running inside VMWare Fusion Pro, on to which I installed Unbound. The object is to use this is a caching recursive DNS server. The IP bound to the NIC is I can ping this from other hosts on the LAN without problem, and it also accepts remote SSH...
  14. patpro

    PF hostname resolution bug with unbound_local

    I run a FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p14 server with a PF firewall. Few days ago I've activated the local unbound server for caching purposes. My pf rules have been created few years ago and work well. They include some persistent table definitions with either IP addresses or hostname or both: table...
  15. bdl

    Setting up IP addresses for websites

    Hi folks! Four-year member, first-time poster here. I have been running some WordPress sites on a FreeBSD VPS off and on for a couple years. To do this I have just installed the basics: MySQL, PHP, WordPress, NGINX, etc. WordPress and FreeBSD have worked so well together after that, that I've...
  16. coldr3ality

    Rebuild unbound with python support

    Unbound has an optional scriptable interface: https://www.unbound.net/documentation/pythonmod/ Starting from a fresh install of FreeBSD 10.3 Release (AMD64), I want to rebuild unbound with the option for python module support. The focus of my question is on how to do this.
  17. dch

    Solved DHCP overwrites local_unbound config

    In certain ISP crappy routers, the locally provided DNS resolver cannot handle DNSSEC and _srv queries, which breaks pkg at bootstrap, along with many other things. As these resolvers are handed out via DHCP from the router, I need to hard-code a specific forwarder and not have DHCP overwrite...
  18. attilagyorffy

    Unbound via OpenVPN?

    I have set up OpenVPN on FreeBSD 10 (loosely following the tutorial on Digital Ocean) and I am connecting via Tunnelblick on my Mac successfully. I have pushed down DNS settings via the OpenVPN server and the OS X client properly picks them up. However what I'd really like to use this for is to...
  19. H

    Multiple Web Services with Jails

    Hello, I switched to FreeBSD a week ago on my main server. So far the experience has been great. Because I'm new to the whole jails theory I'd like to present my plan and possible challenges. My Setup: Hostsystem: FreeBSD, 8 Cores, 24GB Ram, Static IP My idea was to create multiple jails...
  20. paparts

    Unbound DNS redirect drop/reject access

    Hello everyone, Is there a way we can redirect IPs not found on the access-control config?