1. I

    Why doesn't unbound rc.d script require syslogd?

    FreeBSD 14.0. Neither /usr/local/etc/rc.d/unbound, nor /etc/rc.d/local_unbound list syslogd among their requirements. So, if unbound service (either one) is started by setting respective X_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf, then it just so happens that unbound is started before syslogd. Which means...
  2. F

    IPv6 Postfix and Unbound configuration with RDNS

    Hi All, Happy New Year. I have configured my postfix mail server for ipv4 and ipv6. When I tried to setup RDNS through my ISP, they said they can delegate the ipv6 subnet to my local nameserver where I can set the reverse dns records. Has anyone done this before, if so any help is appreciated.
  3. A

    PF PF firewall

    Hi, I have a public interface (vlan99) configured on my machine (FreeBSD machine 13.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE releng/13.1-n250148-fc952ac2212 GENERIC amd64). I have configured the DNS on it and I want to configure PF firewall for only this public interface (vlan99) in a way that traffic...
  4. D

    Solved Jailed ping(8) can not resolve names using hosts unbound(8), but host(1) and drill(1) can

    EFFECT drill resolves r0.z201 correctly to host resolves r0.z201 correctly to ping works when given argument ping doesn't work when given argument r0.z201. (fails to resolve) OBSERVATIONS When using truss I can see that ping does...
  5. subnetspider

    Which DNS server software?

    Hello everyone, I want to migrate my current DNS server from a Windows Server to FreeBSD. The DNS server should have the following features: Authorative DNS (for my Internal network only) Resolving DNS High Availability So far I have found named (aka. BIND9) and nsd + local-unbound as...
  6. Rob215x

    How to set up domain names on local network when internet is down??

    I've read through a bunch of documentation but I'm not sure of a few things, so I'm looking for some tips before I mess up my office. Thanks in advance! Here's our setup in a small office: 1. Internet comes in to an ASUS RT-AC1900P WIFI router and then to a simple switch. We have 5 Windows...
  7. T

    Is anybody else seeing issues with the ports unbound locking up on 12.2-RELEASE-p2?

    I've been running dns/unbound for quite a while (at least a couple of years) on multiple machines - for starters, both my mail server and my firewall box use it as caching dns server. Both use the same configuration, and have done so for months without any issues, if not longer. Over the last...
  8. rphanikrishna

    Promiscuous Mode ?

    Hi All, I have some log messages which says "kernel: em0: promiscuous mode disabled" and enabled again, Am only running Unbound DNS resolver in my Freebsd 12.1 release p5. If it is not recomended to change the status can you explain me how to fix the state of promiscuous mode.
  9. rphanikrishna

    Solved IPFW for Unbound DNS resolver ipv4/v6

    Am trying to Build a Firewall for Unbound DNS resolver since a month and was not successful, solved almost all the configs except the IPFW rules, using FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p5 Below are my rule list NOTE: a.a.a.a , b.b.b.b, c.c.c.c and d.d.d.d are my ipv4 Public IP pools...
  10. J

    unbound outgoing-interface failover for dual WAN

    I've been trying to figure this one out. I'm using FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p10 amd64, unbound Version 1.9.1 I have dual WAN, but one is solely for failover (no DNS queries should occur on failover while primary WAN is up). Is there any way to only use the primary WAN as the outgoing-interface...
  11. M

    Recommended approach to host / domain blocking?

    I'm currently using hblock with Arch Linux on my laptop: and now I'm wondering what the recommended approach for something like this could be when using FreeBSD. What comes to mind: Simply stick to using a hosts file Use a DNS resolver like unbound with a blocklist Use a DNS proxy like...
  12. D

    SRV records with NSD and Unbound

    Hi All, I am trying to create SRV records in the NSD zonefile for network services. Is this possible with NSD and Unbound running on FreeBSD 11.2? The format I am using looks like this: ;SRV Records _cisco._tcp IN SRV 10 10 5060 cpub.example.com. _login._tcp...
  13. J

    PF redirection from a port to another

    Hi there, I'm too new to BSD and pf so I can't accomplish the following task and receiving generic "syntax error", maybe because of tables or macros. Here's the scenario: a server in DMZ with unbound (serving as resolver to other machines in DMZ) and NSD (authoritative for an Internet domain)...
  14. W

    Tls to unbound possible?

    Hi guys, i am wondering if i can setup my unbound to serve as dns over tls. It will serve as full recursive mode. The reason why i wanna do that so i can use unbound outside my local network, eg: on the road mobile. I am aware that i can setup unbound to forward queries to 3rd party dns server...
  15. NapoleonWils0n

    unbound external nameserver

    Hi All I have unbound running on my laptop. When I booted up today I couldn't resolve any hosts. Finally figured out it was the resolv.conf. I had to uncomment the external google nameserver to resolve any hosts. So my resolv.conf now looks like this # Generated by resolvconf search...
  16. Q

    syslog.conf selection by ident

    I have not found anywhere in the docs how to make selections from syslog by ident. I use chrooted Unbound and I've configured it to write its log to syslog. I've found in syslog.conf an example how to select records from syslog by program name: !unbound *.* /var/log/unbound.log !* But...
  17. goshanecr

    unbound "sendto failed: No buffer space available"

    Good day! I have a FreeBSD 11.1 amd64 box as router for about 300 users. On that server works unbound (from system, not ports) as resolver for network. And in /var/log/messages I such messages: Jan 30 11:29:10 MAIN-GATE unbound: [59552:2] notice: sendto failed: No buffer space available Jan 30...
  18. cvb

    local_unbound and trust-anchor-signaling option (RFC8145)

    Hello, Very important change was in the package 'unbound' of the world DNSSEC. The changing or "rolling" of the KSK Key was originally scheduled to occur on 11 October, but it is being delayed because some recently obtained data shows that a significant number of resolvers used by Internet...
  19. DemoNIck

    propper routing and gateway configuration between 2 lan IPs

    There is a network topology which cannot be changed/altered as following: [FILESERVER]--->|======| [LANPC1]--------192.168.254.x---->| SWITCH |<--[MODEM]--->INTERNET [LANPC2]--------192.168.254.x---->|======| The FILESERVER (FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE) is running...
  20. J

    Solved This file was generated by local-unbound-setup

    Hello, I run a server who was automatically set up by OVH. The /etc/rc.conf contains the line local_unbound_enable="YES" There is no unbound_enable="YES" in the /etc/rc.conf, and the unbound service is not running. (Edit: Well, actually, I don't know. # service unbound status Cannot...