1. NapoleonWils0n

    jails Firefox run as a Wayland app in a Ubuntu Jail with dbus for notifications and mpris

    I have installed Firefox as deb in a Ubuntu Mantic jail and enabled dbus to communicate with the host by passing in the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS from the host in a script this allows desktop notifications from the jailed browser to show up on the host and mpris to control videos playing in the...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    Davinci Resolve installed in Freebsd Jail

    Davinci Resolve installed on Ubuntu in a Freebsd Jail Davinci Resolve in a Ubuntu Freebsd Jail https://github.com/NapoleonWils0n/davinci-resolve-freebsd-jail Nvidia and Cuda working in the jail Davinci Resolve displayed with a Xwayland rootless window on Wayland or an X11 window on X11...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    Davinci Resolve in a Ubuntu Jail

    I have managed to get Davinci Resolve working in an Ubuntu jail previously i installed resolve in a Ubuntu chroot The gpu and cuda are working, and the audio is rooted from jail to the host using a pulseaudio socket rather than displaying resolve in a xwayland rootfull window with the DISPLAY...
  4. NapoleonWils0n

    Davinci Resolve on Freebsd

    Davinci Resolve installed in a Ubuntu Mantic chroot on Freebsd Davinci Resolve Freebsd git repository https://github.com/NapoleonWils0n/davinci-resolve-freebsd Features Nvidia and Cuda enabled Davinci Resolve Displayed with Xwayland on Wayland or Xephyr on X11 Audio routed from the chroot...
  5. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved Davinci Resolve running on Freebsd using the linuxulator the GPU is working but full

    I have managed to get Davinci Resolve running on Freebsd, using the linuxulator the GPU is working but full https://github.com/NapoleonWils0n/cerberus/blob/master/freebsd/linuxlator-ubuntu.org Davinci Resolve is installed using the linuxulator in a ubuntu chroot and the gpu is working with the...
  6. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved linuxulator switching to non root user in the chroot to run davinci resolve

    i have installed ubuntu jammy using the linuxulator with the steps below but the issue is i cant switch to a non root user because everything like /bin/bash has 700 permissions so i cant use su to switch to another user using su - djwilcox also i cant create another user to switch to that...
  7. G

    Bastille and Ubuntu debootstrap, run with systemd

    Hi, I just trying to run Ubuntu jail via Bastille but need to do it with systemd to use with snap. root@ubuntu:/# systemctl System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate. Read step by step by this tutorial, except last package install. root@ubuntu:/# apt-get...
  8. yaslam

    How to install GLIBC version 2.29 in the Linux Binary Compat layer?

    Activitywatch is a program that is used to track the amount of time that is spent on a computer, they only officially have support for Windows, Linux and MacOS. I have installed the Linux Binary compatibility layer and installed activitywatch under /compat/ubuntu/opt/activitywatch, when I run...
  9. ykla

    general/other [jail/linuxator] Ubuntu/Archlinux Compatibility installing Shell Script

    see also https://book.bsdcn.org/arch.sh https://book.bsdcn.org/ubuntu.sh # fetch http://book.bsdcn.org/arch.sh && sh arch.sh # fetch http://book.bsdcn.org/ubuntu.sh && sh ubuntu.sh
  10. elgrande

    Install Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy in FreeBSD Jail

    Due to an older version available of sysutils/debootstrap, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy) cannot be installed directly. Anyhow a running version of the latest Ubuntu release can be easily achieved. The required steps are: 1. Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Follow the instructions at...
  11. K

    General question about 13.0 as a working station

    I have been working with both backend development, as well as embedded software development. I am fairly new to FreeBSD (almost a year of "casual" usage for small personal projects in my personal computer, not at work). I would really like to try out FreeBSD(obviously starting from testing) as...
  12. ziomario

    Solved Ubuntu Budgie emulated with bhyve doesn't connect to internet because the error : network unreachable N. 2

    Hello. I'm trying to virtualize Linux Ubuntu with bhyve. I've reinstalled Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 using BHYVE_UEFI.fd,the problem that I have is that Ubuntu is not able to connect to internet. This is the script that I'm using : bhyvectl --vm=vm0 --force-reset bhyvectl --vm=vm1 --force-reset...
  13. G

    Issue with GRUB in dual-boot Ubuntu 20.10/FreeBSD 12.2

    Hi dear Daemons I tried to make a dual-boot with Ubuntu 20.10 and FreeBSD 12.2. To help me, I followed this great tuto: https://hauweele.net/~gawen/blog/?p=2252 When I try to boot FreeBSD from my GRUB menu entry, I got the error "Image has invalid negative size". Booting on Ubuntu works...
  14. Spity

    Help to Install Linux/ubuntu on compat

    many times I have tried to install linux in /compat and it always fails. I have followed several tutorials on the web. The question is does anyone have a guide that really works or a script that does the job?
  15. C

    How to install Kde-Services to the Dolphin?

    Hi, i am trying to burn Ubuntu or WIndows10 iso file to the Usb and i think Kde-Services will be useful for this. (use dd command) Dolphin: Control -> Configure Dolphin... -> Services -> Download New Services... -> Installed kde-services plug-in but it doesnt work. How can i make it work?
  16. C

    How can i create bootable usb in FreeBSD?

    Hi, I installed FreeBSD 11.1 with Kde and it works. (It doesnt have gpu accelerator but works anyway) Question is how can I create bootable Windows10 usb or Ubuntu usb in FreeBSD? I downloaded the ubuntu-16.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso file. If it's possible I can download Windows10-x64.iso too. Is...
  17. Donald Baud

    equivalence between FreeBSD and Ubuntu

    I recently found myself forced to work with Ubuntu. I would like to ask what are the equivalence for some common administration tasks. What is the equivalent of: /etc/rc.conf where do I add the SERVICE_ENABLE="YES" and other flags? where do I store the ethernet config on Ubuntu? I read about...