Davinci Resolve installed in Freebsd Jail

Davinci Resolve installed on Ubuntu in a Freebsd Jail

Davinci Resolve in a Ubuntu Freebsd Jail

Nvidia and Cuda working in the jail
Davinci Resolve displayed with a Xwayland rootless window on Wayland or an X11 window on X11

Audio routed from the jail to the host using a pulseaudio socket
Video directory from the Freebsd host mounted inside the jail
Opened using a Desktop entry on Freebsd

In this video we set up zfs datasets and mount points for the jail,
enable the network with nat and pf, use devfs.rules to allow access to the gpu from the jail to the host

Davinci Resolve installed in a Freebsd chroot




Hey,Mate. This is very exciting but it is also not easy. Appreciate your time and patience and effort to make it work. 👍
Is dual boot Linux an easier and viable alternative option to this?