1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Character set issue with ATEN CS64US KVM

    Dear FreeBSD Gurus! How to fix issue with characters set (if I make a right conclusion), see the picture above. The monitor are connected trough ATEN KVM CS64US (latest firmware updated). May be some corrections in loader.conf needed ?
  2. A

    Oldest OS with Ctrl-T ?

    Hello to you, I created a WP article about systems that have SIGINFO, Ctrl-T and related stuff. Does anyone have anything to add to it? Thank you, Ambie
  3. A

    Can not open tty1 after installing Ly

    Hello there, I have a freshly installed FreeBSD. I installed OpenBox and Ly display manager. I did the things that are written here (I wrote tty=2 instead of tty=3 on the /etc/ly/config.ini and ttyv1 instead of ttyv2 in /etc/ttys like on the official pkg-message). Sadly when I rebooted my vm it...
  4. Spity

    Reboot/Shutdown missing

    Hi. when I open a tty (Ctrl + Alt + F2 for example) the option to shutdown / restart in the Gnome menu disappears. And I can only restart or shutdown via terminal.
  5. Spity

    Solved TTY & nVidia Error

    Install FreeBSD 12.2 with Gnome, when installing the nvidia-driver all the tty (Control + alt + F (x) look like this my rc.conf kld_list="nvidia-modeset" my loader.conf linux_load="YES" nvidia-modeset_load="YES" nvidia_load="YES"
  6. JozanOfAstora

    TTYs on external screens

    Hi, I use FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE on a ThinkPad T530. Most of the time, I run it connected to 2 external screens: - one via miniDP -> HDMI (1920x1080) - the other one via VGA -> VGA (1440x900) - the built-in laptop screen is turned off (LVDS - 1366x768) Here are the relevant lines of my xrandr in a...
  7. H

    Solved no vt resolution settings available?

    Hello, I have been using FreeBSD many years ago and was mostly on Linux. There have been many developments that I don't really like, so I decided to go back to FreeBSD and try my luck once again. Here is my problem: I just installed FreeBSD a few weeks ago and am trying to tweak some stuff...
  8. S

    change tty width

    Hi, Can I change tty width? It'd defult is 80*24. I want change it permanently. Thanks
  9. A

    Disable auto-scroll in XTerm

    I see claims that XTerm is incapable of not jumping to the prompt when new output is going in or when the user presses a key. I have the solution, and is indeed a problem of letter case in the .Xdefaults or .Xresources file. To achieve the desired behaviour add this to your .Xdefaults or...
  10. JazzSinatra

    TTY, Shell, prompt, terminal?

    This is probably a noob question, but I have wondered for some time the difference between TTY and terminal like rxvt-unicode or Xterm (and less shell). Is TTY just a virtual device which runs terminal emulator like rxvt-unicode which runs shell like sh or bash? If I have a freshly installed...
  11. W

    Solved What level of devfs_ruleset is more secure?

    Hey guys, I am working on my git server, and SSH its claiming about have no access to /dev/tty inside of jail. After read about this issue, I have found is need setup on /etc/rc.conf to start it using: devfs_load_rulesets="YES" And on my jail.conf I need use devfs_ruleset, the level 3 and 5...
  12. ILMostro

    Scroll Lock keeps exiting

    Hi, I'm testing out FreeBSD10 in a VM environment. I'm not sure if this is expected behavior, as I'm new to FreeBSD, but every time I try to scroll back using the Scroll-Lock -> Arrow keys the screen drops back to the end where the input cursor is. Is it possible to change this behavior? I...
  13. AntumDeluge

    Solved Entering Virtual Console from X Environment

    I have done a little bit of searching around on this without luck. I apologize for the weak effort, but I am sick right now and don't feel like doing a lot of reading. Is there a way to enter a virtual console (tty?) while in an X environment? I'm looking for something like "Ctrl+Alt+F1" that...