1. indomitableMoron

    sound works, except in X

    I have a FreeBSD guest I'm trying to get stood-up in VirtualBox-OSE. Sound works from the console (e.g. I can `cat /dev/random > /dev/dsp` and hear static, as my unprivileged user) but there's no functional sound in X, and videos won't play in Chromium on YouTube. Historically this has meant a...
  2. P

    I need help for installing FreeBSD

    Hello, a while ago I tried to install FreeBSD on my 2006 computer (which model is an HP Compaq 6720s) although I have a problem, and that is that when the installation starts, when I click "boot multi-user" or "boot single -user" then after those numbers appeared below the ASCII art, the screen...
  3. kd0082

    Home directory gone/wiped out for 2nd time

    Hi! new FreeBSD user here. I'm loving the experience and using it now as a "test ground" on a Samsung N130 Netbook, so far pleased with performance and use. But today, for the second time in 2 weeks, my home directory has simply disappeared. I've looked in threads here just to see if this is...
  4. D

    Other FreeBSD fails to boot after loading empty hard disk as ada0 and claiming ada0p1 /boot/efi is corrupted and requires fsck_msdos

    I have a SATA 2.5" SSD connected to the onboard SATA connectors with ZFS-on-root FreeBSD installed. There are 9 hard disks connected: 8 via an LSI PCI-E card and one connected via SATA to the onboard SATA connector. For some reason FreeBSD boots off of the SSD but when setting up the disks it...
  5. C

    ntpd SIGSEGV on 13.0-p5

    Has anybody gotten ntpd to correctly work on a recent fresh install? I'm on stock kernel, fully patched, ntpdate works but any variation of ntpd just segfaults: root@svc1:~ # ntpd -I -n -c /etc/ntp.conf 7 Jan 10:33:35 ntpd[22262]: ntpd 4.2.8p15-a (1): Starting 7 Jan 10:33:35...
  6. W

    How to Compile Ports/iPXE w/ Embedded Script?

    Hello. I've been working on how to have FreeBSD 13.0 act as a Network Boot SAN by hosting iSCSI/DHCP/TFTP services. I found a means to get DHCP to identify individual clients based on MAC address and I'm able to chain-load the updated iPXE image from TFTP where each client then reads an embedded...
  7. G

    FreeBSD will no longer boot (RPi)

    (Am new to BSD, and use archlinux as my daily driver) I was trying to configure FreeBSD 13 on my Raspberry Pi 4 for use as a home server. It no longer boots, and I suspect the reason is changes I made to `/etc/fstab` but I'm not totally sure. When it boots it hangs here: The problem is that...
  8. ClayS

    Solved zfs mount failed with error 5

    Hi all, thanks for your help in advance! After a power failure last night, my BSD server will no longer boot correctly. It is a Dell R710 server with six disks in a raidz2 and a PERC raid controller where each drive is its own mfi device - I know this is not the optimal controller but it is the...
  9. W

    Audio, And Video issues on a fresh install of FreeBSD

    im trying to set two monitors, and AMDGPU driver on FreeBSD, the output of the commands that i know of are under. [EDIT] my amd.conf file for the GPU, sorry forgot it: Xorg.0.log: Xrandr: rc.conf...