1. E

    SSH Over IPV6 Possible Bug

    I've been trying to setup ssh exclusively over IPV6 but have run in to a few issues. These are the steps I'm following, theoretically this should just work. Which is why I'm baffled at this point. I researched a few guides going back to version 10.3 and the process seems to be as follows...
  2. aragats

    Solved Simple VPN: need an advice

    What would be the easiest way to provide access to the "End devices" on the picture? I need accessing just a few TCP/IP ports. I can use SSH port forwarding, maybe using security/autossh to make it persistent (in pfSense?). Would it be reliable? A fully functional VPN maybe an overkill for this...
  3. A

    Issue with connection (operation_not_permitted)

    Hello! I've installed FReeBSD 11 on my client mashine. On my server I have also FreeBSD 11. My client has 3G modem which successfully connects through ppp daemon to the cellurar network. After that my client successfully establish L2TP IPSec connection to my server. After that I connect to my...
  4. W

    How to set up SSH for both github and bitbucket?

    I have FreeBSD 10.3 AMD64. I have a github account, but I thought I would like a private repo as well, so I got a bitbucket account. I set up ssh for bitbucket, and would like to do so for github as well. But how will git not become confused as to which remote I am trying to sync with? I...
  5. D

    SSH can't connected : expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_ECDH_REPLY with FreeBSD 10.1

    All right gone until move my desktop with 2 PC (pc1:FreeBSD 10.1, pc2:Windows 7 pro) I use all days connection on my server in data housing with SSH via VPN routers. Now, I can connect on my server with pc2 on Putty. But I can't connect with pc1. I don't understand. # ssh -vv...
  6. Petr Fischer

    automounting/autofs ssh filesystems

    Hello, I am finally using automount/autofs for mounting home samba shares (and my BlackBerry 10 phone, which has also Windows sharing enabled [samba inside]). Work reliably even with laptop sleeps and moving between networks (proper timeouts, no hangs etc.). My /etc/auto_master file...
  7. DavidMarec

    ZFS send/recv via ssh hangs

    I was using the send/recv ZFS command to upload snaphots from a server to another via ssh. There were no issue while both were running 10.3-RELEASE. But, since I upgraded the receiver to 11-RELEASE, the process hangs while sending or receiving the 2nd set. First set, root@mySnap is well...
  8. M

    Can only ssh remotely with new hostname, not on local wifi

    I just set up port forwarding (port 22) on my router (ip of Now I can ssh into my server (ip of remotely (from another internet connection) using its new static domain name I made with the service. However that new host name doesn't work when I'm on the...
  9. puppyboy

    Solved Does FreeBSD (or ssh clients) push keys without being told to?

    My server was previously running RHEL, with password logins disabled and pki authentication required. I replaced it with FreeBSD 11.0 on Monday, and today I was going to go ahead and take care of setting that up with the new OS. I had previously logged in with a password under the default...
  10. M

    Unable to ssh (locked out) after upgrade from 10.1 to 10.3

    I followed the update instructions here to update from 10.1 to 10.3. My only way of accessing this server is via ssh, and I have now been locked out (the ssh address is no longer known by my PC). Are there any steps to take / configurations to check to prevent this from happening again? I cannot...
  11. M

    Solved rsync on FreeBSD Live-CD - possible?

    Hello. I have virtual drive with UFS partitions, I need to boot Live-CD and use rsync to COPY files from remote server to this virtual HDD ("clone" the system). I want to boot from this virtual HDD (I'm using Virtualbox). So the only one obstacle is that none of the .iso-files (*dvd1.iso and so...
  12. S

    System Compromised!

    Hi, A user systemd was created with root privileged on FreeBSD, once we started digging more into this we found the .bash_history file under his home directory which he created in /lib/.systemd, his history explained that he downloaded some log tamper script in order to hide his appearance but...
  13. sidetone

    Solved Questions about ssh

    There is ssh_config and sshd_config in /etc/ssh/ to set ssh security. Are these two only needed for ssh root access? In other words I don't need them for a program such as firefox using ssh? Also, is it correct, if I'm not running a server I don't need sshd? About enabling protocol 2, an...
  14. J

    Solved Why does this simple pf.conf locks me out of ssh?

    Hi, I'm new to PF. I read the documentation very carefully and I can't understand why this simple pf.conf locks me out of ssh: tcp_egress_out="{53, 80, 443, 123}" block in all block out all pass in quick on lo0 pass out quick on lo0 pass in quick on egress inet proto tcp from any to (egress)...
  15. H

    How To: Execute Firefox in a jail using iocage and ssh/jailme

    Motivations The main reason to put a browser in a jail is quite simple : browsers cannot be trusted. They are too much exposed. Executing a browser inside a jail is a way to be sure that the damages induced by a malicious software are contained (as much as possible). I decided to write this...
  16. T

    Solved Single SSH Session

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to make SSH work so whenever I log out and log back in, SSH will load up the previous session that was running instead of re-creating a new one? Thanks!