1. V

    Unable to send correct keystrokes to xorg via ssh -X

    I run my browser from inside a jail using ssh -X -C jailuser@ chrome and send the screen session to the host. I can write regular text without issue and the keys are mapped correctly. However when I try to write something using ALT it becomes the original key, e.g. 6, instead of whatever...
  2. TankedThomas

    Issues Authenticating VSFTPD With PAM

    First, I'm fairly new to FreeBSD. I'm more experienced with Linux (over 10 years), though I'd still consider myself a beginner in the grand scheme of things. I'm also (obviously) new here, so I apologise if this is posted in the wrong place but I wasn't completely sure where else to put it...
  3. willbprog127

    Solved Need help migrating Linux routing commands to FreeBSD

    Greetings! On Linux, I am using a SSH tunnel between my machine and a remote machine. This is an actual tunnel, using the 'tun5' device / interface, not just port-forwarding. This allows me to contact any machine on the remote machine's network, SSH in, VNC in or whatever I need. For routing...
  4. samTopaz

    Other Can't get git to not ask for a password when pushing to Github.

    Hello, I've been trying to setup SSH keys with git so that I can push to Github without a password. But it doesn't seem to be working. So far I've generated a public private key pair using the command: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "" (with my personal email of course.) I...
  5. decuser

    ssh without ssh daemon

    This is less a FreeBSD question and more of an ssh question, but I'm open to FreeBSD answers :). Is it possible to use ssh to log in to my server without setting up the ssh daemon? In my mind, I thought it'd be easy... something along the lines of ssh -l 22 on fenris and then remoting to fenris...
  6. decuser

    Solved How do I startx over ssh?

    I am trying to run X over ssh and would like to run the command startx, but I get this error: I've dug around a bit and it seems either folks never want to do this or they're on linux and edit Xwrapper.conf to allow users to do this. For me, I'm reading Volume Three of the X Window Systems...
  7. n9010

    Solved SSH problem with JSCH and FreeBSD 12.1

    Hello, I'm facing a problem with a JAVA client trying to access a ssh/sftp box with JSCH . Apparently this issue arouse when we upgrade from an older version of FreeBSD (10.1) to 12.1. The error is com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth fail Only this JAVA library have this problem and trying to...
  8. T

    Solved zfs send | ssh zfs receive - how to stop zfs send from sending output until I have authenticated?

    I am using zfs send -v <SNAPSHOT> | ssh <TARGET> "zfs receive <TARGET_VOLUME>" to synchronize a volume. Before I authenticate, zfs send is already sending output to stdout saying: This message repeats until I authenticate ... 00:30:57 63.2K <SNAPSHOT> 00:30:58 63.2K <SNAPSHOT> Whenever...
  9. A

    Enable touchpad/mouse scrolling over ssh

    Overall objective: Enable touchpad scroll of nano over ssh from macOS Description: I've noticed that on macOS I can line up and down in nano using the touchpad/mouse. This is also possible over ssh when connected to Debian and NixOS machines, but when ssh'd into a FreeBSD machine I can not...
  10. P

    ssh -Y vbox_guest '<browser>' crashes host system

    When I attempt to load a GUI application (for example a browser like chromium or firefox) via ssh from a guest VM in VirtualBox , the host FreeBSD system crashes. This has happened several times after upgrading from 12.0 to 12.1. My host system is a ThinkPad E490 running 12.1-RELEASE-p3. The DE...
  11. joel.bodenmann

    Solved ssh proxy jump not working

    Given the following scenario: + "Internet" | Server network | +-------+ +---+---+ +-------+ | | | | | | | A +---------+ B +----------+ C | |...
  12. M

    ssh change to rdp :/

    hi everyone i m new on forum. i want ask a question.ihave a problem how can i change ssh place to rdp in googlecloudplatform please can you help me ? _
  13. S

    PF PF how to not drop existing connections when service starts

    Hi, looking for help. Whenever I start/restart the PF service (sudo service pf start), my SSH tunnel disconnects (and hangs locally). I have to kill the process locally or let it timeout, and reconnect in order to continue. Though I don't interfere with pf service often, this dropping of...
  14. aragats

    Solved SSH doesn't honor "files dns" anymore?

    I'm using /etc/hosts to resolve several local hosts for ages, but recently discovered that now (FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p3) ssh tries to resolve them via DNS first which causes huge delays. I couldn't find any specific setting for that. Am I missing anything? Thanks for advises!
  15. Buck

    Properly setting scp permissions for www and user access

    I need to set up permissions properly on a web folder for two users and apache's www user. The hierarchy looks like so: /var/www/ contains several folders for several websites managed by user1. /var/www/special/ contains a special website folder managed by user2. Therefore, I need user1 to be...
  16. E

    Solved Mplayer playlist over SSH.

    I've been having troubles running my playlist with mplayer over ssh. This used to work without any issues for me with the following: ssh -i .ssh/user_key.id_rsa user@host "mplayer -shuffle -playlist /path/to/playlist.txt -af resample=44100,channels=2,format=s16le -ao pcm:file=/dev/stdout...
  17. F

    Strange behavour with GSSAPI and Kerberized NFS

    Hello, I'm a new user of FreeBSD - I recently installed FreeBSD 11.2 p4, and I use it as a backup- and fileserver using Samba48 and bacula. I also play around with it. I've joined the machine to a Samba domain and log in with winbind with domain users works using GSSAPI. NFSv4 with kerberos...
  18. leebrown66

    Setup a 2nd sshd instance for testing remote configurations

    Suppose you have a remote machine that you can ssh into. You want to make some changes to the config, but making a mistake could lock you out of the box. This is a technique for setting up a 2nd sshd instance and also how to configure it as a service. Standalone On the server enter...
  19. Lamia

    Solved Can't ssh after Upgrading to 11.2

    I have been keeping an eye on issues pertaining to 11.2 on this platform for the past four days. I, like many others, just upgraded my box [from FBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p9] to 11.2. And I ran a few other commands like portmaster -a, pkg upgrade and so on after the upgrade. After restarting the PC, I...
  20. Angelo Klin

    IPFW Private VPN + Firewall on a VPS

    Hello All, With all the fuzz and issues with security and privacy these days I decided to give it a go with a VPN, mostly for the fun and challenge. I am partially done with a scenario that sounds very typical these days, although it is not necessary plain vanilla. The overall idea is...