1. A

    Change "welcome message" when login via ssh on FreeBSD 14. How?

    Hello everyone! Trying to change default "welcome message" via motd (nano /etc/motd) on FreeBSD 14 for ssh login. But after restarting server it's appearing default again. Is there any examples of how to do it? All that found by me in the internet not working.
  2. D

    Lost GUI and SSH on upgrading to 13.2 - advice on how you would proceed

    TL:dR; After upgrading to 13.2 STABLE from 12.4, everything was fine for a day. But now I have lost the GUI (was XFCE4) and cannot SSH in. Where would you start troubleshooting this? I would be truly grateful for any advice you may have. For example, try and get SSH working, the desktop...
  3. K

    X11Forwarding over SSH + PuTTY(or something else)

    Hi, the friendliest IT-community of the world! You guys already helped me with my custom FreeBSD 13.2 installation on ZFS and now I need your help one more time. I've read that there's way not to use VNC things for remote access to my PC, but using only SSH and remote terminal program like...
  4. I

    Attack Discovered Against SSH - is FreeBSD vulnerable?

    I have a concern about the recent news regarding the newly discovered SSH attacks, when "ChaCha20-Poly1305" or "CBC with Encrypt-then-MAC" is used. So, if we set up a server (sshd) or using it as a client (ssh) as default, would this vulnerability be relevant?
  5. A

    ssh connection

    Hi, I have a FreeBSD 13.1 released installed on a machine and there is NO firewall service running on it, it has two interfaces one with public IP and the other with private IP. I can not ssh into the machine from a public IP apart from the public IP of the same network and I can ssh into the...
  6. vermaden

    Solved Port Forwarding into NAT Bhyve VM under pf(4) Firewall

    Hi, I have successfully setup NAT on pf with this in /etc/pf.conf file: nat on wlan0 inet from to any -> (wlan0) round-robin I am now trying to achieve the same what is available out of the box on VirtualBox - port forwarding. For example one of my Bhyve virtual machines is...
  7. usernamekiran

    How to write to local machine from SSH?

    Hello. Since last few weeks, I have been doing SSH to a server using my local FreeBSD desktop. I am able to read/write, and do the stuff that I am permitted to including setting up crons, and few other kubernetes related stuff. But around 3-4 days ago, I tried to download a file (using scp...
  8. byrnejb

    Solved upgraded to 13.1p7 from 13.1p2 and now ssh does not connect.

    [root@vhost01 ~ (master)]# sshy vhost02.windsor Connection timed out during banner exchange Connection to port 22 timed out [root@vhost01 ~ (master)]# sshy -vv vhost02.windsor OpenSSH_9.1p1, OpenSSL 1.1.1q-freebsd 5 Jul 2022 debug1: Reading configuration data /root/.ssh/config...
  9. codetrotter

    Solved Perplexing behavior of shell when trying to loop over input

    I created a script using zsh. One version of the script looks like the following. It correctly loops over all three lines of input and prints what would happen, sleeping 5 seconds after each print #!/usr/bin/env zsh while IFS= read -r snap ; do fs="$( echo "$snap" | cut -d@ -f1 )" echo...
  10. jarmo

    "service postgresql start" hangs forever over SSH

    I'm trying to provision a FreeBSD 13.1 VM over SSH by running shell commands. Among many other things I'm executing commands like these: pkg install -y postgresql15-server service postgresql initdb service postgresql start It gets to service postgresql start, prints the following and hangs...
  11. First_Law_of_Unix

    Solved SSH keeps disconnecting from Supermicro Server after few mins, then completely refuses to reconnect.

    Hello. I installed FreeBSD 13.1 on a Supermicro X8DT3 and also on an AMD desktop machine. I installed OpenSSH server on the X8DT3. Now when I try to connect to it by LAN using: # ssh -vvv -p 2222 user@ Everything works. But then after some time it gets disconnected and then I...
  12. aikorei

    Solved FreeBSD 13.1 fresh install, ssh timeout on log in

    I just did a fresh install of FreeBSD 13.1 with cloud host. I cannot seem to ssh into the server at all, and it's driving me nuts (I've called ionos support probably 8 times today and they're stumped too). Here's what I have so far... - I can access my server via KVM console - Here is...
  13. byrnejb

    Solved ssh between freebsd and linux -- Warning: untrusted X11 forwarding setup failed: xauth key data not generated

    I am connecting to a Bhyve VM running Rocky Linux 8 using ssh without passwords. When I successfully connect I nonetheless get the 'untrusted forwarding' error. I am trying to discover on which end of the connection the problem lies. As I do not have this problem when connecting to FreeBSD...
  14. M

    freebsd13 and yubikey bio for ssh

    Hello, I'm struggling to configure my freebsd 13 to use the ssh resident key stored on a yubikey bio. I can't find any good procedure to get it work. I've installed pscs daemon. But I can't load ssh identity in the ssh-agent. I've also installed and tried yubikey-agent that doesn't detect the...
  15. freezr

    SSH does not work with users' home set to 750

    Dear all, to begin I'd like to clarify that I am not a professional, I am just passionate about it, and I am doing all of this for hobby and fun! On my pet VPS to prevent people lurking in the other home directories I setup each users <homedir> with permissions 750, unfortunately this...
  16. HL1234

    jails What is the recommended way to connect to a running jail?

    Hello, I'm not a FreeBSD newb, but I'm new to jails, and read different solutions. I tried to build a jail with a webserver. Now I could start it. Then I wonder that are different outputs with these commands after I had start it: jexec 57 ps -ax gives me something like this PID TT STAT...
  17. Buck

    Blacklistd and sshd not acting immediately according to logs

    A curious thing that I'd like to understand. Blacklistd enabled in sshd config. Connecting from another external IP to ssh and issuing two wrong logins/passwords results in immediate lockout, as expected and defined in the config file. A new entry gets added to blacklistd table in pf as...
  18. Aknot

    Lost connection to server using Putty (due to packet loss)

    Hello, I'm using Putty to connect to my FreeBSD server. Several times a day, my connection drops due to packet loss (ISP capacity problems). They are very short, but enough to disconnect my Putty session. This is very annoying, and I wonder if there is something we can do in FreeBSD, increase...
  19. shadow_pudge_killer_2001

    PAM configuration for HashiCorp vault-ssh-helper

    I need to use one-time passwords to login on my FreeBSD machine and password verification success: Aug 12 15:29:03 host sshd[5466]: in openpam_dispatch(): /usr/lib/ pam_sm_authenticate(): Success Aug 12 15:29:03 host sshd[5464]: Accepted keyboard-interactive/pam for user from...
  20. F

    Unexpected behavior of ssh(d) with vlan

    Hello, I have a problem with my vlan configuration and sshd my virtual machine is connected do a dhcp server, network is netmask is dhcp-range is In my rc.conf ifconfig_em0="DHCP" em0 will get ip with this, sshd is reachable on but...