Enable touchpad/mouse scrolling over ssh


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Overall objective:
Enable touchpad scroll of nano over ssh from macOS

I've noticed that on macOS I can line up and down in nano using the touchpad/mouse. This is also possible over ssh when connected to Debian and NixOS machines, but when ssh'd into a FreeBSD machine I can not.

Things I've tried:
* Looking at what TERM is used. xterm-256color is used on all machines
* Enabled mouse support in nano
* Compared nano versions (Freebsd: 4.8, macOS: 2.0.6)
* Googled and researched on the FreeBSD forums and unix stackexchange. No dice.

What enables this scrolling in nano / in the OS and how do I enable it? The termcap file?

Any resources or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,