1. aragats

    Dynamic DNS for a large number of clients

    Hi folks, Would you please recommend a good DNS software suitable to setup a Dynamic DNS server for a large number of clients (like 2000-3000)? Currently I'm using dns/maradns for personal purposes, but I'm doubting it's a good choice for a commercial project. Thanks for advises!
  2. Chris_H

    how to best run a master and recursive DNS on same box?

    This question really feels like it belongs in the Network fourm. But the description for Services indicates it belongs here. So here goes... OK I've run a single DNS to provide recursive queries for all the local servers. Which are all DNS Masters/SOA's for a multitude of domains. But traffic...
  3. Wamphyre

    Weird trouble with Nginx/Apache reverse proxy on Jail.

    Hello. I'm experiencing a strange problem in my FreeBSD 11.1 jailed web server. 4 hours ago I needed to replace the hard drive of my home server, because was broken and I reinstalled FreeBSD with exactly the same config before hard drive change, where the jailed server was doing the work so...
  4. DiscmanDaemon

    Solved How to dampen server noise?

    For reasons of economy, a number of servers for my startup have found a comfortable home in a walk-in closet in my home. While I do not mind the constant whirring of the fans and disks (the sound of a hard-working server is music to my ears), and crisis response time is at an all time low...
  5. L

    PF Communication between fail2ban and pf fails

    EDIT: the problem is solved Hello, i had used Debian at the last several years and i'm very new to FreeBSD. I tryed to port my configuration for fail2ban from my Debian machines to FreeBSD (with the modification due the firewall has changed). In my testing phase i have found out that the...
  6. B

    Help Connecting to the Internet through BSD

    For an assignment we have to connect two workstations to the internet through an HP server running BSD. The WS are connected to a switch that runs to eth0( network) and eth1 is connected to the schools internet network. Gateway is enabled, the server is connected to the...
  7. JazzSinatra

    Router and other services

    What's your opinion about this? Should you have separated router and a server machine or is it okay to have every service in the same machine? By services I mean DNS, NAS, VPN, murmur etc. Should you keep a router purely as a router?
  8. J

    Solved Complete server monitoring tool

    Hello folks, I'm currently looking for a solution to monitor my FreeBSD servers/hosts. I'd like to have a utility that allows me to monitor multiple FreeBSD hosts remotely (eg. via a web interface). I've searched the interwebs and it appears that there are plenty of utilities available for...
  9. uzsolt

    Maintaining multiple VPS servers

    Hello, I've a simple question. I'm not system administrator so maybe my knowledge is a bit outdated. So, I've 4 simple, cheap VPS servers (web, builder, devel (port maintaining) and backup) and it's a little complicated thing to login to every server and run pkg upgrade or freebsd-update fetch...
  10. poorandunlucky

    (Dual Ethernet) Laptop to use as server/gateway

    Does anyone know any good brand and model of laptop to use with FreeBSD? I mean, it's already got a battery and everything, you can find them cheap used, you can shove them in a mini fridge... with USB3 and eSATA, like... why not? Hardware is sometimes hit and miss... chipsets, controllers...
  11. I

    Server (NFS,SMB,CUPS,DLNA...)

    Hello everybody, I have just registered here because I am planning a project where I think FreeBSD could be the ideal OS. I am currently running a dual boot system with Arch Linux and Windows 10. Both systems have FDE, Linux with LUKS (LVM) and Windows with Bitlocker, so data can not be easily...
  12. M

    PostScript print server with non-PostScript printer

    Hi guys, I have a special gem of a strategic question for you. Lately I acquired an OKI C301dn color laser printer capable of duplex printing and USB/LAN connection. The device was dirt-cheap so I did not do much research, but now I know why it was dirt-cheap: The printing quality is quite...
  13. C

    FreeBSD for "Mainserver" of small company

    Hi all, I have been tasked with setting up a new server to replace a 10+ year old Apple Mac Server which has been running as the "Mainserver" for a small company I work at. This Mac server performs various server roles, including DHCP, DNS, and most importantly, file serving. We have roughly...
  14. M

    Startup hosting and sleeping well (encryption)

    I’ve never been in a server room from which I could not steal a random hard drive without getting caught, if I wanted. I have been in server hosting companies’ rooms in more than one countries. Should I find one that employs guards with machine guns, still there is a point from which it isn’t...
  15. D

    Troubleshooting Idrops in netstat

    I have a VPS server running FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p4 and nginx so this might belong in the "Web Services" category. It contains three very low volume web sites that have been up for about three years, all listening on the same nginx server. I was tinkering with TLS and SSL ciphers on one of the...
  16. Ricardoqsx

    Stuck/Changes in Samba42 from Samba36

    Hello there! I'm new in the FreeBSD forums, and in the system in general, but FreeBSD calls me so much to learn about the UNIX universe (servers, sysadmins, things like that) Well, let me comment about my plan in my work: When I was hired in my work, I noticed about a issue related a...
  17. Hornpipe2

    Using the base Subversion server

    As of FreeBSD 10.0, a "light" version of Subversion has been integrated into the base system. It includes most of the svn tools, though the filenames have been changed (e.g. "svnlite" instead of "svn", "svnliteserve" instead of "svnserve" etc.) Most people probably would use this for the...
  18. mseqs

    Other Best language for a database server

    Hello everyone. So, I'm writing a little database server/manager (I know, don't reinvent the wheel, but is a research project and I got a good idea, innovative, I hope) and from the beginning I thought to write it in Java, but after some researching about "performance and memory issues" I'm not...
  19. Mainz

    Installing Mailserver on FreeBSD 10.2

    Hello Guys, I tried to install a simple mailserver on my FreeBSD 10.2 following this tutorial: But at the last step I get the following error: Mar 22 09:49:27 mailsrv postfix/qmgr[618]: F3CF119B7A5...
  20. J

    Jails for a web server

    I am currently setting up a server that will host static websites, WordPress installations, forums and an eCommerce shop. I'll use Nginx, PHP and MySQL. Some of the hosted websites will be completely independent: One is a personal blog, one is a community forum, another is a website for a...