1. 0

    ZFS NVMe / controller trouble

    Hello everybody, I've set up a storage server with the following ZFS pool configuration: NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE CKPOINT EXPANDSZ FRAG CAP DEDUP HEALTH ALTROOT storage ***** ***** ***** - - 7% 16% 1.00x ONLINE - raidz1 ***** ***** *****...
  2. grahamperrin

    vbox VirtualBox: FreeBSD guest with UFS: disk I/O ceasing with PIIX4, PIIX3 and other virtual controllers

    Below, why are there log entries for PIIX3 when the controller is set to PIIX4? I have been trying (amongst other things) to boot this 12.⋯ guest temporarily in safe mode. Neither of the commands below seem to be effective – note the multiple CPUs, above, in htop: nextboot -o...
  3. LSD

    Solved restarting network

    I am having trouble restarting network services. I made a very simple shell script (OpenVPN kill switch) that checks sockstat every 60 seconds to see if OpenVPN is running, if not, it runs the command `ifconfig ue0 down' (not tun0, the VPN device, but the ethernet connection). It works just...
  4. D

    FreeBSD doesn't starting after restart

    I have Hyper-V with Freebsd 12 on vitrual machine. I intalled web server (apache, php, mysql) on freebsd. After hard restarting my hyper-v server (press power button on server) FreeBSD doesn't work, mysql doesn't mount database. I have more troubles with database files. But, if i stoping all...
  5. Nicola Mingotti

    Is it possible to zero netstat -i ?

    Hi, as the title says, it would be practical for me to be able to zero the byte counter I can read from netstat -i -b -h. Do you know if this is at all possible ? bye Nicola