1. S

    Unexpected behaviour (emacs + sly involved)

    Hello, I am new in FreeBSD community, yet eager to learn its ways. After installing FreeBSD 13.1 with KDE, I wanted to check how it will suit my needs in terms of common lisp development, however I encountered unexpected complications. I have installed Emacs and SBCL from packages, then by...
  2. M

    Shell Script for rebooting if network down for a certain amount of time?

    Today in the morning I have discovered that my server running 13.0-RELEASE-p6 wasn't reachable anymore, which left me no other choice then to perform a hardware reset, after which everything was working again. It started during the night with re0 losing connection and toggling link state between...
  3. T

    Installer won't even start - infinite PC restart loop when installing

    Hi everyone, apologies if this is trivial, but I guess I have exhausted my knowledge and capabilities. I managed to install FreeBSD in a virtualbox under Kubuntu 20.04 with KDE so I thought I could just try and use FreeBSD on the PC directly. But as you can imagine, I want to have the real...
  4. Spity

    Reboot/Shutdown missing

    Hi. when I open a tty (Ctrl + Alt + F2 for example) the option to shutdown / restart in the Gnome menu disappears. And I can only restart or shutdown via terminal.
  5. dave

    LAGG Member Interface Going UP At Shutdown Prevents Reboot?

    I recently implemented LACP on a physical machine. Now it seems that every time I issue a reboot, the machine goes down, syncs normally, reports uptime, and then the re0 interface goes down, then up and then the machine seems to hang and never reboot without a reset. I have waited it out for...
  6. PacketMan

    How to shutdown/reboot the cleanest possible way

    This, from a different discussion, reminded me that I wanted to ask a question ages ago, but never got around to asking. A long time ago I did a basic UNIX course, on System V I think it was, and the instructor said "do a sync before you shutdown, this will ensure disk cache is written out"...
  7. F

    Solved system stuck on bios splash after reboot only

    Firstly, I couldn't find an answer for this specific problem, so I apologize when this is a common problem. Recently I installed FreeBSD again on a new laptop (Thinkpad T470 20HES2SF00). On my desktop, the OS runs without problems with Xorg. I have chosen FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT for that, because...
  8. F

    NFS client hangs all the time when I enter large directory

    Hi All, I have been facing a strange problem on AWS, where I created a large FreeBSD NFS server, with the below configuration. My throughput to writing a file is 600-800 Mbps and reading files are much higher. I have no issues with throughput, but the problem is with while accessing a folder...
  9. `Orum

    Prevent reboot on kernel panic?

    I've got a system that I'm booting via the FreeBSD 11 memstick, as I'm trying to copy data from a backup (connected locally) to a fresh root zfs raid-z1 pool. The dataset in question is about 2.2 TiB that I'm transferring via zfs send piped to zfs recv, and part of the way through the transfer...
  10. dch

    Previously stable server reboots during jail usage

    This previously stable (2+ years) server has had 3 unexpected reboots in the last week, each time during jail-related work (creation, deletion, poudriere runs). zpool scrubs are clean, and there is no log or trace of a crash or error prior to any of the reboots. I'm considering a h/w issue but...
  11. S

    Solved Can I switch between sc(4) and vt(4) without restarting?

    The title says pretty much everything. I want to switch between the two without restarting. Is it possible?
  12. D

    HAST + ZFS reboot hang with 'All buffers synced' on 10.2-RELEASE

    Hi (note that that also posted this on the freebsd-questions. I'm new to FreeBSD so please excuse my ignorance) I have a setup with two SuperMicro machines with an X10SRH motherboards. The O/S is running on ZFS root plus a set of two HGST drives on each machine that are configured as disk0 and...