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    Solved RPi2B: root directory on HDD boots, but with SYSERR printed to console

    Hello, I haven't used FreeBSD since around 2003, but I'm pretty far into reading my way through the handbook! Please excuse the poor formatting and any obvious steps I may have missed. I've installed FreeBSD-CURRENT-20151102 onto a Raspberry Pi 2B with the root FS on an external USB HDD and...
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    Solved poudriere package build for RPI

    I am using a FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT as a base and have installed the ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel locally from my base ports tree. I now install a poudriere jail so I can build packages for my Raspberry pi 2. The following commands seem to complete successfully. I set qemu_user_static enabled in...
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    Touchscreen for Raspberry: love or hate?

    Hi, I plan to use FreeBSD as the system for a Raspberry project. But I need touch and multitouch support for LCD screens (any advice on the brand?) There lies my fear. I don't know if FreeBSD is a risky path here or not... I fundamentally prefer FreeBSD over anything else since we always use...
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    Raspberry Pi & Java Question

    Hi, forgive me if its posted somewhere else, I couldn't seem to find it. Recently, I've been playing around w/with FreeBSD 11-CURRENT w/with the Raspberry Pi Images. They seem to work great for a headless solution! Video output does seem a little slow though... One major barrier for me, and my...
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    Raspberry PI 2 Model B

    Hi, I have an Raspberry PI 2 Model B. I want to install FreeBSD on it, so I googled and find https://wiki.freebsd.org/FreeBSD/arm/Raspberry Pi page. iI have downloaded both 10-STABLE and 11-CURRENT images and write them to SD card, but they won't boot. What's wrong? Thanks.
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    Raspberry Pi as off-site ZFS backup

    My primary server OS install (FreeBSD 10.1) and all my data which is hosted under it reside on 2 ZFS pools. For backups I currently zfs send incremental snapshots of all the datasets over the network to a ZFS formatted external USB drive attached to a Linux machine with ZFS on Linux installed...