Raspberry Pi & Java Question

Hi, forgive me if its posted somewhere else, I couldn't seem to find it. Recently, I've been playing around w/with FreeBSD 11-CURRENT w/with the Raspberry Pi Images. They seem to work great for a headless solution! Video output does seem a little slow though...

One major barrier for me, and my application, is to run Java on the Raspberry Pi (both B+ & B2). Has anyone been able to get Java to run on it?

OpenJDK8 from ports states that its only for i386/amd64 based architecture. I've seen OpenJDK work on Raspbian.

Oracle-JDK8 in ports state that linprocfs is a requirement for it to work. Looking in the Raspberry Pi Image under /boot/kernel/ I do not see any linprocfs(5)/linux(4) compat kernel modules.

Anyone accomplished getting any version of Java JRE7+ (preferably in mixed mode) working on the FreeBSD armv6 platform?
Great! Thanks for the response and your work, I definitely appreciate it. I'll give it a shot.