1. mjollnir

    Do not use ports-mgmt/portmaster and other tools who build in the main system

    Please consult Howto build ports with ports-mgmt/poudriere for a set of historically evolved issues concerning the ports tree. Please consult the well-known Recursive Make Considered Harmful for reasons why such tools do not handle the build process theoretically sound -- they do not use make...
  2. gessel

    Infinite build loop with # portmaster -df -r postgresql11-client

    I executed # portmaster -df -r postgresql11-client and got a build loop on 3 jails. One had devel/ccache disabled, the other two were using it. All three looped until ctrl-c. At the end of lengthy post build, I see variations of: ===>>> The following actions were performed...
  3. scotia

    portmaster shoots itself in the foot with -P and pkg

    Hi. if I add the -P option to portmaster, and postmaster decides to re-install pkg, I get the following: Installed packages to be REMOVED: pkg: 1.13.2 Number of packages to be removed: 1 The operation will free 13 MiB. [1/1] Deinstalling pkg-1.13.2... You may need to manually remove...
  4. clawhammer

    Solved portmaster -a is making my computer restart about halfway through.

    I have 469 ports that portmaster -L listed and when I go to upgrade them the computer restarts.
  5. H

    Solved Portmaster - unknown traffic

    Dear forum, first if all I hope that I'm posting in the correct forum. Please correct me if it's wrong. I noticed that there is a lot of traffic while upgrading ports with portmaster. I do not mean the actual download of source code, rather during the building process. Also, there is almost no...
  6. S

    Deterministic Software Install/Maintenance Method

    All, Over the past few years have spent a significant amount of time (seemingly endless) on port/package maintenance tasks. It seems that we should be able to: 100%: Use pkg for any/all installs and maintenance tasks (if no custom config options are required) -or- 100%: Use ports for any/all...
  7. B

    Pkg vs Ports

    Which is the best way of install something here, in your thoughts? If you want, you can explain why do you think what you think. You can like pkg You can like https://www.freshports.org/ Or simply don't have one of your preference and use both or none. Feel free of expound your thoughts and...
  8. B

    Huge command on portmaster

    I was doing portmaster -a . When it finished, the output it's saved in "/tmp/portmasterfail.txt" I won't post the whole command because it's so huge that it has more than 8000 characters. So you should have an idea of how big it's. Another thing, it's I don't know how to write the directory of...
  9. L

    Convert from ports to packages

    pkg upgrade will reinstall unlocked ports as packages, and then presumably those packages can be managed (updated) through pkg. However, after upgrading all but a couple of ports to packages, portmaster dies during portmaster -aR. I also get the impression that dependency ports aren't converted...
  10. R

    Error in portmaster

    Hello everyone, I'm updating some programs through portmaster and it's showing me the following error message: ===>>> Returning to update check of installed ports make: "/usr/ports/devel/py27-setuptools/Makefile" line 29: Malformed conditional (${PYTHON_VERSION} != ${PYTHON_DEFAULT_VERSION})...
  11. Harmnot

    Should i build new kernel ?

    Hey, I just finished install FreeBSD 11 on external harddisk, and I want to ask about kernel, should I rebuild kernel after installation? I was building kernel , and I cancel it after a hour because it was take very long time and my laptop got very hot on for it , I follow This instructions to...
  12. S

    Ports update and a portmaster

    Hello! I always installed the software from the ports through the portmaster. But on one machine software was put in a classical way - through ports (make deinstall, make reinstall clean) (without a portmaster). Can I now install the portmaster on this machine and update it with it? This is a...
  13. B

    Solved portmaster update of smartmontools fails on 10.4-RELEASE-p5

    This is not a burning issue, but should I report this somewhere, and if so, what's the most effective method, please? I was updating the ports on this box to fix the rsync vulnerability, and this is what I have left that I can't "fix": portmaster -L ... ===>>> smartmontools-6.6 ===>>> New...
  14. J

    Solved Portmaster with flavors

    For those who could look for the correct command to replace, for example, old unison-nox with new unified port with nox11 flavor, I used: portmaster -o net/unison@nox11 unison-2.48.4_2 and it worked! Thanks to portmaster developpers!
  15. razsnic

    What is better to use? pkg or portmaster

    Are pkg and portmaster equivalent? Is it better to use pkg or portmaster? To me they should be equivalent, and both should maintain the same version of software installed on the system, however I noticed inconsistencies. I have been playing around with a test system (FreeBSD 11) and I've...
  16. TachyonMage

    Portmaster vs Unifi5 (dependancies as pkg's)

    Hello folks, I build net-mgmt/unifi5 from time to time. Unifi is not available as a pkg but most all of the dependancies are. in the past I used to just use ports-mgmt/portmaster like this (if my notes can be trusted: portmaster --update-if-newer --packages-build /usr/ports/net-mgmt/unifi5/...
  17. Rastko

    Solved Single tool for maintaining everything

    Hi, Couple of questions about portmaster. Given that the documentation and some tools related to the "ports" system regard programs installed from binary package repository as "ports", does that mean: 1. We can use tools like portmaster to manage everything, regardless of the way it was...
  18. ShelLuser

    [Guide] A closer look at Portmaster

    Hi gang! Editorial: I've been using ports-mgmt/portmaster for a long time already and I figured it could use a little bit of extra love and attention ;) Also because there is a lot which Portmaster can do, so I'm hoping that briefly showcasing some of those features might be helpful for some...
  19. ericx

    How to simplify "Please rebuild all installed 3rd party software"

    I greatly dread the inevitiable "Please rebuild all installed 3rd party software" message from freebsd-update and I'm convinced there are ways to reduce the pain. I seek advice. - 1st: It seems to me that the primary intent for the universal rebuild is to remove all previous version library...
  20. S

    mixing binary packages and compiled ports - keeping it up to date

    Setting: FreeBSD 11.0 RELEASE I have binary packages installed using pkg. Works great and fine in itself. I have installed from source some ports as the options used in the binary version was not what I needed. Works great and fine in itself. Mixing both as such works as advertised, but I'm...