port maintenance

  1. language

    Configure USE_GITHUB to download submodules?

    Is it possible to configure USE_GITHUB to download submodules during fetch? Submodule directories in the GitHub code checked out by USE_GITHUB are empty, which causes an error. The upstream project initializes the submodules like so git submodule update --init after checking out a particular...
  2. D

    How to create a new port?

    And the proper procedure to get it merged in the FreeBSD ports?
  3. F

    Solved Port Maintenance Guide help (preferably exhaustive)

    Can't find any guides on port maintenance step by step. Looking for someone to help clean up this guide I created for myself. My main question is where in these steps do I upgrade the port to the newer version if there is one, and how do I do this? I want to get into maintaining ports, I think...
  4. nunotex

    Solved svn or git to maintain ports?

    Hello, I maintain several ports and I use subversion to checkout, update, get status and to make diffs when to update a port. I'm new to git but I suppose that it can do same jobs as svn. Should I start using git for ports maintenance? If positive could I have some links/docs to start with...
  5. D

    How to approve a patch for a port I maintain?

    Hello! Someone was kind enough to submit a patch for a port that I maintain: https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=249506 I've reviewed it and proposed a slightly refined version of the patch, got agreement from the original poster, then marked the patch as maintainer-approval+ and...
  6. F

    Solved Maintainer duties

    I wish to become a maintainer for a few ports I use and plan to use. I talked to the ports mailing list about it and have read the contribution documentation about ports. I see the steps clearly but have gotten lost when it comes to the actual changes I am supposed to make before starting the...
  7. cyrille

    Looking for documentation to build his own port

    Hello I've developed some python applications. Under debian I know build .deb packages (debuild) to manage my own packages and, now, I'm looking for documentation to do the same but under freeBSD, like a how-to with a example... Do you know if it exists ? Thanks
  8. Tomse

    abandon port emulators/fs-uae

    I don't have time to maintain emulators/fs-uae So it's time for me to release it to someone else or abandon it.
  9. PacketMan

    Porting (creating, maintaining, etc)

    While my knowledge of the inner workings of FreeBSD is still fragmented, and I have some skills I need to work on, I am interested in learning more about porting; meaning how to create and maintain ports. Obviously my first starting point is the Porter's Handbook...
  10. Leander

    Solved Become a Port Maintainer

    Hi, I want to commit my changes to audio/firefly in order to get the port working again - but I don't understand where I can upload them. I didn't receive any username or password nor any link to commit e.g. Makefile, etc. I was expecting some kind of web interface or SVN account to apply them...
  11. lme@

    Adopt an orphaned port project

    Since the ports tree is now open again, let's start the "Adopt an orphaned port" project. What is it? According to http://freshports.org/ we currently have 23,940 ports in our tree, that's really great! But: There are 4,751 unmaintained ports (approx. 20%), that need your love. What can I do...
  12. may

    How to report a port as outdated?

    One of the ports I use regularly (lang/newlisp) is slightly outdated and I was wondering what's the best and/or standard way to report this? I could mail the maintainer or submit a problem report or some third option I am unaware of. (It'd be nice to be able to press a button to say "this...
  13. L

    submitting a port (emulators/linux_dist-gentoo-stage3)

    I updated emulators/linux_dist-gentoo-stage3. Now instead of using a stage that's two years old, crashes with some configurations, and doesn't bootstrap, the port uses a 2010 stage3 snapshot. It is easier to maintain. It works much better than the previous port. I also updated descriptions of...
  14. arp242

    Maintainership of my ports

    I would like to keep maintaining these ports, but unfortunately I haven't had the time in the last few months. And not having a X11-enabled FreeBSD machine installed doesn't help either... I thought about it during the last week, and will resign the maintainership of all my ports in the...